Galliani will stay, insists Berlusconi

Milan: AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi insisted Saturday that chief executive Adriano Galliani will stay at the club despite the latter`s claim on Friday that he would resign.

Galliani, who is also a vice-president, responded to recent criticism by saying he would resign in a few days.

The move came after a miserable first half of the season that sees the Rossoneri struggling in the bottom half of Serie A and already 14 points behind the Champions League qualification places.

"Serenity has returned to Milan, Adriano Galliani will remain in his position," said Berlusconi, the four-time former Italian Prime Minister, who earlier this week was expelled from parliament in the wake of his conviction for tax fraud.

Berlusconi later released a statement confirming that a new organisational structure had been agreed in the club, with Galliani running the sporting sector and the owner`s daughter Barbara Berlusconi in charge of all other sectors.

"For my part, I`ve promised to be closer to the club and the team," added the 77-year-old media magnate.

Asked to comment on Berlusconi`s statement at Milan`s Malpensa airport, where the team were heading to Catania for Sunday`s match, Galliani said: "The president`s words have been sacred for 34 years and are not commented upon."

Rumours in the Italian press suggested the 29-year-old Barbara Berlusconi, who recently publicly criticised Galliani`s handling of the club, was trying to take over the effective running of Milan.

Galliani, 69, has been in his position with Milan for 27 years, almost as long as Berlusconi senior.