German DFB rejects Hoffenheim`s protest

Berlin: The sports court of the German Football Association (DFB) has rejected Hoffenheim`s protest regarding a "ghost goal".

Hoffenheim`s 2-1 loss to Leverkusen is now officially incontestable although Stefan Kiebling`s header never crossed the goal line.

The Leverkusen striker nodded the ball into the side netting yet the ball found its way through a hole into the goal. However, referee Felix Brych didn`t see it and incorrectly awarded the ghost goal to cause a scandal.

The DFB Monday rejected Hoffenheim`s appeal to replay to match against Leverkusen.

"Following the hearing of evidence, the basis for an opposition wasn`t verified. Referee Felix Brych made an indisputable fact decision," judge Hans E. Lorenz said during the press conference.

Lorenz added: "The decision may be an unsatisfying from the sportive view but corresponds with the rules and laws."

Nonetheless, Hoffenheim have the opportunity to appeal against the DFB decision within one week.