Hannover`s Franca diagnosed with tuberculosis

Berlin: Hannover midfielder Welington Wildy Muniz dos Santos, known as Franca, has been diagnosed with tuberculosis following a medical check up, the football club said in an official statement.

The Brazilian new arrival was admitted to the hospital with a suspicion of pneumonia. However, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, Xinhua reports.

The 21-year-old midfielder was then sent to the Oststadt-Heidehaus hospital where he is receiving a special treatment.

In the meantime, Hannover`s local health authorities were called in to avoid spreading of the disease. In addition, Franca`s teammates were informed of the disease before the afternoon training session.

"The source of the infection is very unlikely to have come from the team, let alone Hannover. The illness becomes apparent around four months after the infection," director of Hannover`s tuberculosis info centre Helga Heykes-Uden told the clubs official homepage.

Franca joined Hannover in January 2013 to sign a contract until June 2016 yet he was not fielded for his new side.

"It`s a real shame for Franca. The most important thing is that he gets well. We wish him the best recovery and know he is in good hands," Hannover`s sporting director Joerg Schmadtke said in an official statement.

Hannover sit currently on the eighth position with 30 points after 22 rounds. They will host Hamburg for the upcoming 23rd round Saturday.