I got lucky says Lampard

Zeenews Sports Bureau

London: Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has admitted that luck was on his side when referee Peter Walton handed him a yellow card that could well have been a red for a tackle against Wolverhampton’s Adam Hammill.

The card meant that Lampard would stay till the end of the match and score the late winning goal for his team after Wovles’ Ramires had equalized to neutralize Chelsea’s advantage.

The midfielder says he thought he could have been sent off for catching Adam Hammill way above the ankle but he apologized to him immediately.

“There was no malice and I honestly mean that but I was late and I might have been a bit lucky to stay on the pitch. I said straight away to Hammill. I was very sorry. I was trying to get my foot in and I was maybe lucky but it wasn`t any conspiracy between the referee and us.” he told a daily.

“There were a few things that could have gone either way today. It was a full-blooded game and I just apologised to the player because I was a bit late." he said.

Chelsea’s manager Andre Villas-Boas however praised the referee for his performance in the match and attributed the card owing to Lampard’s reputation.

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