I-League: East Bengal FC 2-1 Mohun Bagan AC - As it happened...

East Bengal FC beat Mohun Bagan AC 2-1 in Kolkata derby held at Siliguri.

I-League: East Bengal FC 2-1 Mohun Bagan AC - As it happened...

The intense derby clash between East Bengal FC and Mohun Bagan AC held at the Kanchanjunga Stadium in Siliguri ends at 2-1 for the hosts.

Dong-Hyun Do's brace seals it for EB as Jeje's missed penalty at the dying moments has made this I-League title race out in the open.

Indian El Clasico: East Bengal FC 2-1 Mohun Bagan AC

FULL TIME here. East Bengal 2-1 Mohun Bagan.

96'- Mendy takes the goal-kick and it is full-time whistle here.

95'- Bagan make a start again and Glen takes a strong shot but it goes high.

94'- Jeje takes the penalty and its saved by the goalie. Wasted chance and its wrong one.

93'- It is cleared by Mendy. Some huffs and puffs with the ball inside the box. Sehnaj makes a foul and Bagan get penalty. Yellow card for him.

92'- A long ball by Bagan and EB keep their composure by clearing the attacks. Bagan keep the ball in danger area and get a throw.

91'- Glen gets some space and shoots but its blocked by Robert. Souvik comes in for Lenny.

90'- Seven minutes of added time and the fifth corner is collected by Debjit. Bagan will have to do something special here.

89'- A corner is taken at the far post and Luciano forces it for the fifth corner.

88'- Martins' header is spilled by Debjit and they get another corner. A ball at the near post is cleared by Yusa. EB get another corner.

87'- A corner produces nothing before EB get back in shape and force Bagan for another corner.

86'- EB keeping the ball now and looking to see off the game.

85'- Bagan will throw the kitchen-sink here and are with the ball now. The move is broken down by Halder who gets a yellow for bringing down Sehnaj.

84'- Bagan rolls the ball again and it's desperate times for them.

83'- Kotal gets a yellow card for foul on DO. Delay in play.

82'- Yusa's strike gets the match back on track. And Bagan now will go at all throttle. DO meanwhile comes down and is injured.

81'- Glen goes down but no penalty given. Das then makes an excellent work down the right but his weak pass is dealt with. Yusa then reaches early to head a ball and pulls a goal back. GOALLL!!

80'- Bagan show some emergency but EB is up to the task.

79'- Ranty showing some commitment here and EB make advances again before Bagan intercept. Glen takes a shot from his left foot but it goes straight to the goalie.

78'- EB keeping the ball in Bagan's half. So far nothing for Bagan now. Their forward advances have been off after the second goal.

76'- Bagan trying everything here but EB is smart to dealing off with their play.

75'- EB get a goal-kick and Bagan get the ball back. Some short passes before EB earn a throw.

74'- Donghyun gets a yellow card for taking off his jersey. Play resumes.

73'- His corner is cleared and the ball is cut back in and DO wins the ball and he keeps his nerves and finishes it. Debnath missed the tackle there. GOALLL!

72'- Sanju earns a corner for EB. He will take it.

71'- Jeje, who is more involved now is fouled by Sehnaj. Bagan gets a free-kick and the shot is poor one which goes awry.

70'- Bagan will need to attack more and that will leave holes in the play which can see EB go for the counter. Midfield battle going on in the middle.

69'- Prabir Das is looking good on the field and Bagan are passing the ball around. EB get the ball for a goal-kick.

68'- Substitution for EB. Sehnaj comes in for Lobo. Bagan need to find an equaliser.

67'- An open ball is cleared by a diving Bagan defender. EB have the ball back and a long ball in view towards Mendy is taken but nothing materialises.

66'- A livelier second half. Bagan win the ball back before losing it again. EB go for an attack.

65'- A run by Das sees Jeje find Glen and the latter's first touch lets him down and the goalie collects the ball.

64'- EB take the charge through Martins and his cross is dealt with.

63'- Mehtab is down on the ground. Jeje's shot seconds earlier was a poor one.

62'- Prabir takes a cross but EB clear the ball. Bagan with some intensity now. Can they find a goal?

61'- Bagan gets back in action and Glen's shot is blocked by the EB goalie before another shot is out for a corner.

60'- An excellent cross and DO takes a shot and misses a sitter. Debjit had made an excellent save off Martins.

59'- EB have the ball back and are trying to make it count.

58'- The corner is taken and after some missed attempts off the air, Martins gets the ball.

57'- Cavin could have gone left and right as he had options but his shot is off the target. EB come in again and Sanju's cross is cleared for a corner.

56'- Substitution for Bagan and Das comes in for Bharghav.

55'- Jeje has a shot from a close angle and the ball goes out for a goal-kick. Yusa makes advances but slips in the poor field inside EB box.

54'- Lovely move from Bagan and Glen gets a shot that enters the net but it's off-side.

53'- Lobo gets back on his feet and the play progresses.

52'- Cavin Lobo is down now. EB will be happy with their use of Mendy. Tactically they have been better.

51'- Bagan get a throw in and EB win back the ball.

50'- Yusa takes a poor corner. And after the ball gets parried away Bagan get throw in. Yusa tries to do his part with the loose ball but is dealt with.

49'- Bagan will not be liking the delay here and they want to keep the ball rolling.

48'- East Bengal will need to hold on the lead. The goalkeeper is still down and is getting attended.

47'- Yusa gets the ball and makes a clever run but EB goalie comes in and prevents a cross. He is injured in the process and Bagan get a corner.

46'- The game starts and Bagan get a free-kick but the ball is cleared easily. Mendy is fouled next in Bagan area but nothing is given.

We are back underway here.

It's true why Bagan players were miffed with the decision. Replays show Martins stuck his hand to keep the ball in play before Luciano pulled him. Not a penalty there and its been an inconsistent refereeing.


45+3'- Referee blows half-time whistle and it's 1-0 here in Siliguri.

45+2'- EB get a goal-kick. Referee askes Glen to keep his emotions in check.

45+1- Yusa's shot creates pressure and EB goalie gets hius fingers to parry the ball.

45'- Bagan try to make advances but its easy stuff for EB to disrupt the flow. Belo gets a yellow card for fouling Glen just outside the box.

44'- Mendy uses his body to shield the ball and keep possession. Pradhan tries to beat the defender to put in a cross from the right flank but the ball goes out for a goal-kick.

43'- Bagan win a free-kick at their own half and Mendy wins the ball and finds Martins. EB have the ball.

42'- Bagan's assistant manager lashes out at the officlas and is asked to leave the field.

41'- The decision has taken a hit to the flow of the game and EB have a goal-kick.

40'- Fans get excited and wake up to celebrate the lead. What a goal from Dong here.

39'- Dong-Hyun Do to take the penalty for EB and he blasts it past Debjit in top of the roof. GOALLL!!!

38'- Bagan arguing with the referee and officials stick to the decision.

37'- Surprise call by the referee. Luciano gets a yellow card for trying to close down on Ranty and fouling him. Penalty awarded!

36'- Mendy tries to get to the throw-in in his head but its cleared and the ball is back at the Bagan box before Martins tries an over-ambitious kick and misses.

35'- Cornell lays the ball for Lenny and his shot is blocked. EB release themselves meanwhile.

34'- Bagan trying to have the ball here and nothing much is happening for them. Not a bright start as fans would have expected.

33'- A sloppy play by Bagan defence and a shot by Martins is cleared superbly seconds later, Bagan see off the danger.

32'- EB get ba corner but Bagan clear it out at ease. Still goalless here.

31'- EB try to build uop from the right but miss the impetus. Ruidas meanwhile is replaced by DO.

 30'- EB lose possession and Glen is heavy there and the goalie has the ball.

29'- Yusa plays a foul on Sanju and EB get a free-kick. The long ball headed towards Bernard is collected by Debjit.

28'- Sanju Pradhan cuts in from right flank and finds Martins. Bagan then wins the ball back in the centre of the field and a long ball is fed but is cleared. Kotak spoiling the good move.

27'- Mendy makes a charge but the ball is too quick for him after a mistake from Bagan defender.

26'- Pressure from Bagan earn them a throw. They are looking to find pockets of space but nothing happenning.

25'- Jeje is busy on the other end and the EB defence does well again and keeps it to half a chance.

24'- Belo closes down on Glen after a beautful ball and the latter's kick goes awry. Martins' shot meanwhile is hit straight at Bagan goalie.

23'- Bagan trying to show more intent with the ball and Glen is sorted for but the goalie colects the ball.

22'- Bagan get a free-kick and Yusa's shot is cleared out. Goalless here in Siliguri and the EB defence will be happy.

21'- Bagan trying to hold on and keeping the ball to themselves after a EB goal-kick.

20'- Corner for East Bengal and Yusa clears from near post. The pitch is ordinary here in Siliguri.

19'- EB get a free-kick before Glen clears the danger with a overhead kick.

18'- A throw has been given and a long ball is taken towards Mendy and Martins fails to hit bthe target with his header.

17'- Lobo loses aerial battle abd Jeje moves forward and his pass to Yusa is off target. EB get the ball.

16'- EB's counter-attack is wasted before a foul is played by Bagan and the free-kick is cleared by Halder.

15'- Some sleek exchange of passes by Jeje and Glen and just as when the former was about to trigger his shot, the defender took control.

14'- EB look to be more purposeful with the ball before they lose the ball and win it back.

13'- EB concede a throw and their defender  on pressure allows another one. A long throw is cleared out by the defence.

12'- EB enjoy some possession and keeping the ball at their feet.

11'- Yusa's free-kick aimed at the far post did not work out. EB get a goal kick. Bagan the brighter side.

10'- East Bengal clear danger before Bagan get another free-kick from a reckless challenge.

9'- Bernard Mendy collides against the left back of Bagan and Bagan get a free-kick. Anothet foul in the centre of the field sees the Sanjoy Sen coached side pick another free-kick.

8'- The corner is wasted, Bagan win the ball back and Glen surges past two defenders and his curling shot misses the post.

6'- Bello plays a cynical challenge on Glen and escapes from a yellow card. Bagan get a free-kick and Katsumi's take is a delightful one and the curling ball is parried away by the goalie.

5'- Another long ball and Glenn is marked off-side. Some nervy controlling in midfield and Bagan get a throw.

4'- Katsumi Yusa is fouled at the edge of the box in the left side but his free-kick floats away from the post.

3'- Another good move by Glen as he was fighting for the ball with East Bengal defender  and his shot is off target.

2'- Cornell Glen of Bagan is called for an off-side after being released by Lenny.

1'- Delightful through ball and a lively start by East Bengal. Ranty Martins has a shot but it's blocked by a Bagan defender.

We are getting ready for kick-off. The teams are out on the field. Buzzing crowd and electric atmosphere!


A look at the overall history.

A look at the table.

Players will be paying their tributes for the horrific fly-over calamity that occured in Kolkata.



Placed at the top, Mohun Bagan (25) are three points clear of second placed Bengaluru FC while East Bengal have 20 points. Having played 11 matches, the green-and-maroon suffered their first defeat of the season when they lost to debutants Aizawl FC in Mizoram. 

Till now, the two teams have faced each other 58 times outside Kolkata, with East Bengal winning on 22 occasions while the green and maroons have won it 16 times. The other 20 occasions saw the spoils being shared between the two sides. 

The only competitive game played between the two sides at Siliguri ended in a 1-1 draw. East Bengal's Chima Okorie and Mohun Bagan's Satyajit Chatterjee had scored in that 1988 Airlines Cup fixture. 

East Bengal have won their last match, while Mohun Bagan lost to the same incidentally to the same opponents Aizawl FC.

Expect a cracker of a tie in North Bengal.