India vs Palestine: As it happened...

Updated: Feb 06, 2013, 18:07 PM IST

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Palestine defeat India 4-2


Kochi: FULL-TIME: India 2-4 Palestine. The visitors took the hosts by surprise with the aggression in the second half. And in spite of leading the match on two occasions, India couldn't maintain the momentum in their favour.

90 min It has once again started to drizzle. But now, that shouldn't make a difference.

87 min India trailing 2-4 and now its just a matter of time.

75 min India once again get an opportunity with a corner and they miss the target by a few inches as Jewel Raja's shot from about 25 yards goes wide of the right post.

70 min With two quick goals, the crowd has suddenly gone silent. Palestine in total control of the match.

67 min GOAAL! And Palestine have now extended their lead to 4-2. They are bouncing back with all guns blazing!

63 min Another top move made by Palestine and Saleh didn't have support near the box on this occasion.

51min And before the crowd could come out of the shock of the equaliser, Palestine have fired their third goal! The visitors now lead 3-2. It was a Penalty Goal by Ashraf Nu'man Alfawaghra.

46 min GOAL! Palestine have once again come up with the equaliser! This time, Hussam Abusalah scores for Palestine. The Indian defenders haven't been at their best as the visitors are managing to breach through their defence.

HALF TIME And India lead 2-1. The hosts have showed some aggression in the first half and the fans would want them to continue playing with the same spirit in the second half.

40 min Nabi deserved to get his name there on the scorecard as he has been all over the place tonight!

39 min GOAAALLL! And India lead 2-1 as Syed Nabi this time drills one into the box. It was Mehtab's shot from the corner and Nabi provided the lead with an excellent header.

30 min GOAAAL! And Palestine have just fired the equaliser. Good move made by Palestine as Ashraf Nu'man Alfawaghra was waiting in front of the box and he received an excellent pass which he used as a low volley for a goal!

24 min Palestine make a good move, well defended by the Indian goal keeper. That was close!

17 min GOAAALL! Clifford Miranda scores the first goal for India! Alwyn George created a good opportunity which was blocked by Palestine defender in front of his keeper and Miranda capitalised on the opportunity and scored the goal off a rebound as the crowd went berserk!

15 min Another corner for India, good kick but well collected by the goal-keeper.

11 min The hosts get the first corner of the match!

10 min Ashraf Nu’man sets up Eyad Abugharqoud in the center, but the shot goes wide! The was the first attempt of the match!

5 min Nabi gets the ball possession once again and he fails to create a better opportunity after getting past two red shirts.

1 min Nabi wins a free kick but of no use as it sails over the box.

It has started to drizzle at Kochi but isn't heavy to enough to disrupt the game for the time being. There is a fair amount of crowd gathered at the ground as well.

In some time from now, India take on Palestine in an International friendly at the Jawaharlal Nehru International stadium in Kochi, where the national team is playing for the first time in 9 years.

India can use the home advantage which is why they are the favourites.


India: Subrata Denzil, Raju, Gouramangi, Nabi Mehtab, Lenny Vineeth, Arata, Miranda, Chhetri

Palestine: Shbair Fares, Bahdari, Mahdi, Saleh Kaware, Yousef Zatara, Abuhabib, Nu`man Abugharqud