Indian tycoon bids to take control of Blackburn Rovers

Updated: Aug 17, 2010, 17:13 PM IST

London: An Indian business tycoon, based in
Bahrain, is attempting to take control of English Premier
League club Blackburn Rovers, promising its manager 100
million pounds to spend on players should his 300 million
pounds offer for the club be accepted.

Ahsan Ali Syed`s representatives opened talks with the
Ewood Park Club yesterday and the 36-year-old was reported to
have made a promise of a huge transfer budget.

"I want to give Blackburn Rovers manager Allardyce
support financially so that he can perform wonders," Syed

Ali claims to have followed Blackburn for ten years. His
15-year business plan for the club involves a 300 million
pounds investment in players, stadium and training facilities
and the youth academy.

Ali, whose family wealth can be traced to the East India
Company, believes that he is in pole position.

"The negotiations have been straight and there are no
complications. I do not see any obstacles," he said.

The Indian is the heir to a five billion pounds fortune
and Ali said he wants to buy Blackburn because of his
"passion" for the club and is not merely seeking to make a
quick return on his investment.

"For me the investment in Blackburn is more of a passion
than a way to make a quick return on the balance sheet," he

Ali admitted that he had yet to contact the Premier
League about his potential takeover, but said: "My proof of
funds is quite evident. I am not acquiring this on hire
purchase. I have sufficient liquidity to buy the club."