‘Injury plagued’ Hargreaves contemplating retirement from football

London: Former Manchester United player Owen Hargreaves has said that if he cannot get back to the level he used to play at, then he doesn’t wish to play any further, but added he is currently fit to play for a top flight club.

The injury-plagued ex-Bayern Munich and England midfielder was in the crowd in Kiev last night to watch England take on Sweden.

“I haven’t decided yet what the future holds for me. I’m doing a few bits and pieces at the moment, spending time with family, that kind of thing,” Hargreaves said.

“I’m only 31, I’m still young enough to carry on playing if I decide to — and there’s a number of options for me to do that. But it’s got to be the right fit if I’m going to play on,” he added.

“If something comes in which I think is right for me at this stage then I’ll consider it. I don’t want to chase something though. I am not forced to do anything. If I can’t get back to the level I used to then I don’t want to play,” he said.