It`s official! Football fans are superstitious

Washington: A new survey suggests that most football fans are superstitious.

With college football set to launch next week, BTN-the joint venture of Fox Networks and the Big Ten football conference, has released a study aimed at learning how and where football fans like to watch games on TV.

According to the survey, 62 percent prefer watching college games at home, while 30 percent prefer going to a friend`s house, Contactmusic reported.

Where the other 8 percent like to go was not disclosed, but presumably most of them head for the neighborhood bar.

The survey also disclosed that a host of football fans are superstitious , with 53 percent saying that they wear certain clothes or shoes to help their favorite team win.

Much more surprising was that 40 percent said that looking away from the screen sometimes helps their team win.

The favorite activity while watching a game: for 63 percent, it`s eating; for 34 percent it`s napping; and for 31 percent it`s screaming at the TV.


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