Italy must copy England and Spain`s racism policy, says Capello

Milan: Fabio Capello believes Italian football must follow the examples set by England and Spain if they are to eradicate racism from the national game.

AC Milan`s clash with Roma on Sunday was temporarily suspended following provocative chanting directed towards Mario Balotelli - who has been targeted multiple times since returning to Serie A in January.

Capello, who now coaches Russia`s national team, believes Italy`s governing body should look upon England and Spain as examples in combating racism in football and says the issue is reflective of the country`s fan culture.

"Italian football must learn from England and Spain, where decisions were made to come down hard on racist activity," he told RaiSport. "In Spain the players can get on with things peacefully without any monkey-chants.

"All this stems from the ultras, and I`ve been vocal against them for several years now.

"Then there`s the justice system, not sporting justice but ordinary justice, that does not take many decisions compared to England."