Joe Barton considering suing referee

Zeenews Sports Bureau

London: Suing referee is one of the options that QPR midfielder Joe Barton’s is considering over his sending-off for apparently head-butting Norwich’s Bradely Johnson on Monday.

The row erupted after QPR captain Joe Barton was red carded by referee Neil Swarbrick for head-butting Bradely Johnson following a bust up. The decision was, however, upheld by an independent Football Association disciplinary panel on appeal.

“I wonder how long it is before a football club sues a referee for making a bad decision?” Barton tweeted.

“Theres too much at stake to not have technology. Or a player sues another player for playacting. Which is basically a lie and that is actionable. Whats the difference?”

“Someone has to set the precedent to stop the game from being ruined, maybe i’ll be the 1st one.” he wrote.

QPR manager Neil Warnock sympathized with Barton and agrees that Bradely conned the match officials.

“The assistant referee has guessed, if I’m honest. You say cheats don’t prosper but I think in this case he has done. He’s conned him and unfortunately the linesman’s fell for it.” he said.