Juventus coach dumped into ice bath to celebrate

Updated: May 06, 2013, 12:12 PM IST

Rome: Juventus head coach Antonio Conte said he had been dumped into an ice bath as his side celebrated their triumph of retaining the Serie A title following a 1-0 win over Palermo.

The `Old Lady` beat Palermo 1-0 at home Sunday thanks to a penalty converted by Arturo Vidal in the 59th minute.

The squad will go in an open-top bus around the city but the celebrations had already begun in the locker room with Conte dumped into an ice bath wearing only his underwear.

"I was getting ready to have a shower and was violently kidnapped by my players. They could either throw me in the bath with hot water or the one with cold but as soon as I saw their approach it was clear which one they had chosen," said Conte.

He thanked his players, calling them "extraordinary".

"We are very happy and satisfied. The credit goes to these extraordinary lads who went through a tough and tiring season but were always on point. I am proud of them as it was not easy to win this year despite being favourites as we knew the Champions League would take a lot of energy out of us," he said.