Juventus will write history, feels Conte

Rome: Juventus head coach Antonio Conte believed that his side could create history after they beat Cesena 1-0 to move closer to the Serie A football title.

Juventus maintained their three-point lead at the top of the table after Marco Borriello`s late strike for a 1-0 victory that doomed Cesena to relegation, but it started badly with Andrea Pirlo missing a penalty here Wednesday night.

"The spot-kick had zero influence on the game. It was after just nine minutes and we had the whole match ahead of us. Of course, scoring immediately would`ve forced Cesena to open up and made it a different encounter," Conte was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

"It was really difficult for us today with 11 men behind the ball, but this is a great sign of maturity and we passed the test. We sweat buckets against a team that did everything possible to stop us," he said.

Milan also won late on against Genoa, but the three-point gap remains and Juve have the advantage in head-to-head results.

"I told the lads we have to focus only on our own results, give everything and that way have no regrets," continued Conte.

"A year ago there was practically nothing here. We are sitting around a packed dinner table, were not used to it and now we want to eat. We saw others banquet in previous years, so now my lads are starved.

"We have an extraordinary opportunity, you could even say unique. The pen is on the table and we can write history," he said.