Kazakh bookmakers furious with Octopus Paul for their low profits

London: Bookmakers in Kazakhstan are furious with Paul the Octopus, who may have achieved a legendary status in Spain, for their low World Cup profits.

The Kazakhstan Association of Bookmakers has complained that its members made less than half of their expected profits after too many punters put their faith in the miracle octopus, rather than relying on their own predictive powers,” The Telegraph reports.

According to Kazakh newspaper Liter, they made a wafer-thin margin of 670,000 pounds on 44 million pounds in bets placed.

Earlier, a Russian betting firm had said that they would like to pay Paul the Octopus a good salary to be their bookmaker.

Soviet Sport newspaper reported that Bet League company offered 5,000 dollars a month for the octopus who gained its fame by correctly predicting the results of all Germany’s games at the World Cup.

The company said their specialists receive around 3,000 dollars a month but they are willing to pay more for Paul.

The company said they are ready to buy Paul at a price of 100,000 Euros.

Paul now is the star attraction at the Sea Life oceanarium in the German city of Oberhausen.