Luis Suarez says Patrice Evra racial abuse allegations `false`

London: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has reportedly said that the allegations against him during the infamous game in October 2011 were `all false.`

In the game, Suarez was charged and found guilty of racially abusing Man U defender Frenchman Patrice Evra and was banned for eight games.

According to The Guardian, the striker said that the only mistake he regrets in his career involved twice biting an opponent; once while playing for Ajax and second when he bit

Branislav Ivanovic while playing against Chelsea.

Suarez stressed that the case with Evra was all false and he was accused without proof.

He further said that people in England can`t talk about him now as he was doing nothing wrong.

The report said that Suarez admitted to fears over his fitness as he prepares to play for Uruguay at this summer`s World Cup adding that he would prefer to focus his mind on the English league.