Mackay fumes over contentious Chelsea goal

London: Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay felt that his side fell victim to a goal that should not have stood in their 4-1 loss at Chelsea in the Premier League.

Cardiff were leading through Jordan Mutch`s early strike at Stamford Bridge on Saturday when Chelsea forward Samuel Eto`o poked the ball away from David Marshall as the goalkeeper bounced the ball.

Within seconds Eden Hazard had tucked in an equaliser, but Mackay was angered by referee Anthony Taylor`s decision to let the goal stand.

"I did go in and ask for clarification at the end, just purely for clarification of the ruling and what the referee and linesman saw," Mackay said.

"And the explanation leaves me really disappointed because I`ve since looked at it. The explanation was they felt the goalkeeper dropped the ball. And I asked for clarification because my goalkeeper bounced the ball.

"He saw Samuel Eto`o standing next to him and he bounced the ball. I asked for clarification on if he had bounced the ball and it is in his control, and they said immediately that would be a foul.

"At that point I hadn`t seen the incident again. It`s only afterwards I`ve looked at it and you can see quite clearly he sees Samuel Eto`o there and he has the ball in his control. They thought he had dropped the ball and it was in open play. And that is a mistake."

FIFA law`s 12 states that "the goalkeeper is considered to be in possession of the ball: while in the act of bouncing it on the ground or tossing it into the air".

"I certainly think it was important at that point," Mackay added.

"We were 1-0 up, (Chelsea goalkeeper) Petr Cech then made a magnificent save in his top corner to go two up and while Chelsea had plenty of pressure, they weren`t creating that many chances at that point.

"If we go in 1-0 up at half-time as opposed to 1-1, that makes a huge difference in the slant of what team talks can sometimes say. So it certainly is a large factor."

Chelsea went on to win the game through second-half goals from Eto`o, Oscar and a second from Hazard, but the second period was marked by Jose Mourinho`s dismissal to the stands.

The Chelsea manager refused to speak to the media after the game, but assistant first-team coach Steve Holland explained the Portuguese`s absence.

Holland said: "Jose`s very frustrated and his frustration stems from the time-wasting from the opposition from the opening minutes of the game.

"We mentioned it to the fourth official on countless occasions in a very professional manner and whereas he showed us he had contact with the referee and was aware of the clear time-wasting, he certainly didn`t appear to do anything about it and it certainly had no effect on the Cardiff players and the time they were taking at set-pieces.

"The result changed from 1-0 to them to 2-1 to us and we had a throw-in. The young ball-boy who went to the corner flag threw it back, (Branislav) Ivanovic had the ball in his hands for two seconds, no more, and the referee was on to him about getting the ball back into play and pointing to his watch.

"It didn`t ring consistently with how that issue had been dealt with for the previous hour, so it was purely and simply a case of huge frustration of that and then to have been sent off for sharing that frustration is very harsh.

"His frustration was clear and totally justified. Why would it take an hour before an issue was addressed? He showed his frustration and was sent to the stands."

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