Mancini admits Manchester United ``top team`` in EPL

London: Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has admitted that Manchester United is still the best team in the English Premier League though his team has defeated them in two straight competitive matches including the 6-1 thrashing at Old Trafford. He also praised the mental strength of Manchester United.

"They have a strong team with a strong mentality and they are at the top," Mancini said. Mancini stressed that Manchester United have been the top ranked side for the past 25 years and added that City has starting rising in the past two years.

He said that City would not be able to reach United`s level within two years, according to a report.

"We can`t be like [United] in two years; they have had this mentality for 25 years. We can improve if we continue to win and if we win the championship or other cups. We started it last season. But in two years it is impossible," he added.