Maradona claims FA used Terry row as ‘excuse’ to fire under-performing Capello

Updated: Feb 11, 2012, 13:18 PM IST

London: Former Argentina coach Diego Maradona has claimed the Football Association used the John Terry racism row to get rid of an under-performing Fabio Capello.

“As far as the situation with Capello is concerned, what we heard initially was about Terry. This is what the English FA was saying. But of course, this is not the real reason. It is clear the FA was looking to fire him. They wanted an excuse to do that,” The Telegraph quoted Maradona, as saying.

Maradona said the FA wasn’t convinced about Capello’s work, and any manager who can’t perform at the top level, deserves to be sacked.

“They weren’t happy with his performance. Any coach who doesn’t perform at the level expected, especially at the World Cup, is one whom they immediately look to replace,” he said.

Maradona, the current manager of the Dubai-based club Al-Wasl was himself sacked as Argentina’s coach after failing to guide them past the quarterfinal stage in the football World Cup in 2010.

He said the Terry row had come at the perfect time for the FA who was looking to fire Capello for a long time. “They had been looking to replace him for a long time, and Terry came at exactly the right time. It all comes down to Capello not performing to their expectations,” he said.

Maradona also said he was aware of the truth and the FA can say whatever they felt like. "The English FA can say whatever they want, but they will not fool me. I know exactly why Fabio Capello was fired, and it has nothing to do with John Terry,” he added.

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