Maradona rejects former player Da Silva’s ‘anti –Brazilian’ comment

Dubai: Al Wasl manager and former Argentine footballer Diego Maradona has rejected former player Pires Da Silva’s comments that he is anti-Brazilian.

"I`m very surprised to see these allegations. I don`t know what to say. I`ve never even met this Alex Pires. I was told players wanted to leave and the coach doesn`t have the liberty to hire and fire that`s the management of Al Wasl`s job. I have a special fitness trainer who is Brazilian called Cacau who I brought in for the U19 team so how am I anti-Brazilian?” The Mirror quoted Maradona, as saying.

"Maradona tries to get people jobs and find them work he doesn`t get them unemployed. If I ever see the person who wrote this I may have to punch him. The player says one thing but it`s the media who come out with false reports to play with the minds of the readers," he added.

His statement came after Da Silva had suggested that Maradona discriminated against Brazilian players.

"He messed around with all the Brazilians. He never played me and even made me train separately and didn`t even talk to me or the other Brazilian players or staff. He got rid of all the Brazilians and even sacked the Brazilian kit man. Even Alexandre Oliviera who had been there five years was forced out. In the end, we all got fed up and went back to Brazil. The only thing we miss now is the salary," Da Silva said.

Al Wasl had rejected earlier reports that Maradona was denying signatures and photos to children wearing Brazil shirts.


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