Messi used to be so small I didn`t think he could make it, says former agent

London: The former representative of the Argentine attacker has reflected on his first encounter with the player, and told the story of how the Ballon d`Or holder ended up in Spain.

Horacio Gaggioli, who acted as Lionel Messi`s agent until 2005, has stated that he did not think much of the Barcelona attacker`s chances to become a top player when he first saw him.

The representative revealed that his first impression of the Argentine did not give him much confidence, but was happy that the Ballon d`Or holder managed to prove him wrong and become one of the best footballers in the history of the game.

"When I saw Leo get off the plane I was left with my mouth open. I thought I was in trouble for doing all this for a boy who was so short and thin," Gaggioli told XL Semenal.

"Some associates of mine saw Leo in Argentina when he was an 11-year-old. They said he was very good and I wanted him to come to Spain.

"However, I had to find a team with very specific characteristics, a city where he could continue his hormone growth treatment, which was expensive."

Meanwhile, veteran Juan Sebastian Veron shared a story of the only time he saw Messi uneasy and uncomfortable.

"I only saw him nervous once, and that was before the Greece game when [Diego] Maradona offered him the captaincy.

"It was the responsibility of the leadership that made him uncomfortable, as he realised he had to give a speech to his team-mates."


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