Milner says Balotelli behaved like `over-active 12-year old` at Manchester City

Updated: Mar 09, 2013, 16:05 PM IST

London: James Milner has said his former teammate Mario Balotelli behaved like an over-active 12-year old in the dressing room during his days with Manchester City.

Maverick striker Balotelli was sold to AC Milan for 22million pounds in January after two-and-a-half turbulent years in England.

Milner said he was sad to see Balotelli leave the Premier League champions, but admitted the madcap forward could be hard work at times with his crazy antics.

The England international said he does miss Balotelli, actually, adding he was crazy, he liked to be the centre of attention and it was like having a 12-year-old in the dressing-room at times.

Milner added Balotelli was a good guy, he was harmless and he hopes the Italian does well in Milan, as he has got ability and hopefully he can prove it over in Italy.

Milan further said you would get those days where you`d think `Mario. Not today. Leave it out`, but it was very hard to hate him, despite the crazy things he did.

He added at times Balotelli would step out of line and one of the lads would tell him, adding if he ever did that, it would go off, but half-an-hour later he would come in and apologise.