More time needed for Qatar decision: CONCACAF president

Zurich: FIFA members need more time to decide whether the 2022 World Cup should be staged outside the traditional June-July period and a decision is unlikely on Friday, CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb said on Friday.

FIFA`s executive committee was meeting on Friday to discuss a proposal from president Sepp Blatter that the tournament in Qatar should, in principle, be moved to a cooler time of year.

"I don`t think there will be a decision today, I don`t think there should be a decision today," Webb, an executive committee member, told reporters before the start of the meeting at FIFA headquarters.

"We definitely have not been presented with enough analysis, we don`t know what the stakeholders are (thinking), so I think it would be irresponsible for us to take a decision today."

He added: "(the decision is) very important, very important, it is a historic decision.

"(It) is an opportunity to make sure that the programme for Qatar is correct and in good form, I think today we are going to focus... on how we are going to analyse the situation, what`s in the best interests, how do we collaborate with various stakeholders," said Webb, who is from the Cayman Islands.

"For us, for CONCACAF, it`s about taking our time."

Qatar was awarded the right to host the competition in December 2010, and the decision was based on its plans to stage the event in June-July using air-conditioned stadiums to combat the heat.

Despite Qatar`s assurances and insistence that the plan is viable, there has been widespread concern over the health of the players and visiting fans in the searing conditions of the desert summer.