Mourinho cried after being overlooked for Man U manager job

London: New Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho had broken down in tears after he found out that David Moyes was to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United`s manager, according to a new book released in Spain.

The `fly-on-the-wall` book named `Prepare to lose: The Mourinho Era`, authored by a journalist, has revealed the Portuguese manager`s anguish at being overlooked in favour of Moyes for the United job.

According to the Mirror, the author, Diego Torres, wrote in the first chapter entitled Llorar (to cry) that Mourinho `screamed` after he found that Ferguson was replaced by Moyes and expressed his incredulity that as compared to his `fabulous collection` of trophies, Moyes had won nothing.

According to the book, Mourinho, encouraged by his agent, believed that Ferguson, as well as being an ally, was also his friend and Godfather and was convinced that they had enjoyed a friendship of genuine trust.

Describing Mourinho`s outburst as `the most disgraceful hours in his time as Real Madrid manager`, the book also said that Mourinho had spent sleepless hours, with his mobile phone `glued to his head`.

According to the book , although no one knew how to transmit to the media the idea that there was a predestined successor to Ferguson, Mourinho was most affected by the propaganda surrounding the move.