Mourinho happy as long as Ronaldo plays well

Updated: Sep 16, 2012, 12:16 PM IST

Madrid: Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho adopted his traditional aggressive stance towards the media when asked about Cristiano Ronaldo at a press conference.

This was the first time Mourinho had faced journalists since Ronaldo said he was "sad" to explain why he was not celebrating the two goals he scored against Granada a fortnight ago, Aas reported by a news agency.

Ronaldo has not spoken about the matter beyond issuing two statements on his facebook page and the club is yet to issue any statement about the affair.

"If he (Ronaldo) is sad and plays the way he plays, then that for me is perfect," Morinho said Friday.

"Cristiano is working flat out, sometimes he plays better or worse and he can`t be decisive in every game, but he always shows solidarity with the team. He is an example for everyone and I am not worried about things that are supplementary for me."

The Madrid coach even went as far as to blame the press for the controversy which has taken place over the last fortnight.

"I think that you (the press) have had 15 days to speculate because there hasn`t been any football or exciting international matches. Cristiano has given you the chance to have 15 fantastic days, but now that is over," he said.

"Cristiano needs peace now and to play football, which is what he likes doing the most. People should value his performances on the pitch and nothing else.".

"I am a coach and a coach has to worry about the results and the quality of football. I don`t think any coach likes to just think about results and not the way his team has played. I am worried that my team still hasn`t played well," added Mourinho.