Muamba`s future in football uncertain, says doctor

London: Fabrice Muamba`s future in football is unclear according to the cardiologist treating the Bolton midfielder.

The 23-year-old is currently recovering in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest during the Trotters` FA Cup quarter-final clash with Tottenham last Saturday.

It has been revealed this week that the former England Under-21 international was clinically dead for 78 minutes after leaving the pitch and being rushed to London Chest Hospital.

However, despite a miraculous recovery which has seen the Congo-born midfielder joking with friends at his bedside just days after his ordeal, the man who treated him believes it is too early to even discuss whether he can return to football.

Dr Mohiddin told BBC Sport: "I don`t think we can even begin to discuss that as it`s a question that requires all sorts of unknowns in its answering."

Pressure is mounting on the FA to ensure more heart screenings are performed on players following the incident but Dr Mohiddin says that would not necessarily stop athletes having heart problems.

"Screening is not a crystal ball, it does not tell you what will happen, it tells you what might happen," he added.

Although the ex-Arsenal and Birmingham midfielder is showing positive signs, his doctor is keen to stress that he still has a long way to go in his recovery.

Mohiddin continued: "He is recognising friends and family and there also appears to be a degree of humour in some of his responses.

"But it remains early in what could be a lengthy recovery process."

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