My 70-year-old granddad taught me how to bicycle kick: Van Persie

London: Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie has revealed that his 70-year old grandfather Wim taught him how to bicycle kick almost 21 years ago when he was still a child.

Many people were left pondering when he flaunted a T-shirt, with the words ‘Happy 91st Opa Wim’, after scoring against Manchester United at the Etihad stadium last week.

“I think I was seven or eight years old when my granddad took me to the park in the village where he lived. It was the middle of the winter and he wanted to go and play football with me,” The Mirror quoted Persie, as saying.

“He showed me how I could volley the ball when it was coming high up in the air. He showed me how to fall on my back with the bicycle kick.”

“And you know what, he just did it so I could copy him. It was 21 years ago and he was 70 years old.” Persie also revealed that his grand father was a professional footballer and he always motivated him.

“Granddad Wim was a professional player. He played for Dutch club NEC Nijmegen. He was in goal, he had a good kick and he had a really good vision on the game. He has been an inspiration for me through my life,” he said.

He further revealed that whenever his grand father is around to watch him play, he likes to put in extra effort in his matches and show off a bit.

“He has motivated me and I used to be proud when he came to watch me. I would always give that little bit extra if I knew he was there to watch me. I would try and show off. I wanted him to be proud of me.”

“It is fabulous to have an arm around your shoulder when you are young and have lost a game,” he added.