Negredo predicts Messi transfer to PL `could be just two years away`

London: Manchester City star Alvaro Negredo has said that the Premier League is so passionate and intense that Argentine wizard Lionel Messi could be tempted to come and play there.

According to the Mirror, Negredo believes Messi could be playing in the Premier League within the next two years.

He said that he could see someone like Messi come to England and follow players like David Silva, Juan Mata, Santi Cazorla, David de Gea and himself, adding that he could play well in any league of the world.

Negredo added that the Premier League is the best place to be for the world`s top stars, adding that maybe in two or five years, Messi would get bored with La Liga, want a change and come to England.

Only City or Chelsea could realistically sign Messi, with estimates of a four-year deal costing a mind-blowing 230million pounds, the report said.