Now, Balotelli wants to `gun down` his haters!

London: AC Milan and Italy forward Mario Balotelli reportedly wooed more controversy after he posted a picture of himself pointing a gun at the camera.

Balotelli posted the picture on the social media website Instagram with a message reading `a big kiss to all the haters`.

Balotelli has been involved in a series of controversies and has also been a target of racist abuse, The BBC reported.

The striker, who joined AC Milan from Manchester City in 2013, recently faced criticism for his performance in the World Cup .

In the latest incident, the image was taken down but AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani was less than pleased and said that he has his own ideas about social networks and has tried many times but the club`s lawyer has always stopped him, saying that it would violate individual rights.

Galliani added that in contracts it`s written what players can and cannot do, but the club cannot do anything regarding the players` private lives.

Balotelli has reportedly been the centre of several controversies over the years.

In 2010, the striker fired air pistols in Milan`s Piazza della Repubblica and in 2011 Manchester City officials launched an investigation after the Italian threw a dart towards a youth team player at the club`s training ground, the report added.

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