Now, crocodile predicts Spain to win World Cup

Sydney: If the octopus and parrots were not enough, a crocodile has also joined the race of predicting the Football World Cup champions.

Harry, a 700-kg crocodile living in a Darwin crocodile park on Saturday backed Paul the octopus in picking Spain to win the World Cup.

The crocodile took less than a minute to decide and launch itself out of the water to eat a chicken dangling under a Spanish flag rather than one hanging from a Dutch flag.

Mick Burns, owner of Crocosaurus Cove, told the Northern Territory News he got the idea from watching Paul, an octopus in Germany that has successfully picked the result of every German game in the World Cup.

Paul also predicted Spain to beat the Netherlands in Sunday`s final.

But Harry`s betting style is different. The crocodile thrashed around for some time to wrest the chicken from the line bearing the Spanish flag.

"That means it`s going to be a close and aggressive game with a 1-0 result for Spain," Burns said.


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