Pailan Arrows set to be discontinued, players to be made available

Delhi: The Indian FA have more or less decided on the future course of action with regards to their developmental side.

The Emergency Committee of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) have decided to not continue the Pailan Arrows project starting 2013-14 season.

Sources have informed that there was a discussion on the future of the developmental side given that the sponsors haven’t been living up to their side of the deal with players and staff not being paid for over three months or so.

It is reliably learnt that IMG-Reliance, who are desperately looking to sign players for their proposed league, had requested the AIFF to let the Pailan Arrows players be made available to them.

“Yes, they suggested that all players must be made available to them,” informed the source.

The Indian FA realizing the ongoing tussle for players between the clubs and IMG-Reliance, weren’t in favour of letting the entire Pailan squad to join their commercial and marketing partners as that could possibly entail that the players may not get a chance to play in the I-League and thus hinder their development.

However in an attempt to not antagonize their partners, the AIFF are expected to sell the contracted players of Pailan Arrows to the I-League clubs provided that they are released for IMG-Reliance’s two-month long tournament.

“The only thing that the AIFF can do is put a pre-condition that if the clubs sign them, they have to release them for the IMG-Reliance tournament. So if the players only to IMG-Reliance, they will be stuck in the fight,” informed another member of the Emergency Committee.

It will be interesting to see whether the clubs do sign the Pailan Arrows players after having pledged not to sign or loan any member of their squad for the new tournament of IMG-Reliance.

On Monday, Pailan Group accused the Indian FA of not having paid the dues to help run the FIFA-AIFF Academy.

“Kushal Das (AIFF general secretary) has spoken to them and cleared everything. We don’t owe them INR 44 lakh and that is their calculation,” said a vice-president of the AIFF.