Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho: Can the renewed rivalry help Manchester derby usurp El Clasico as the best?

In 11 meetings durin the Clasico, Guardiola came out on top on 5 occasions, Mourinho in 2 while 4 encounters ended in a draw.

Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho: Can the renewed rivalry help Manchester derby usurp El Clasico as the best?

New Delhi: Having lived under the shadows of Manchester United for most part of the English football history, Manchester City has had an upper hand over their rivals since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. The legendary manager announced retirement from managerial career after the conclusion of the 2012-13 season, when the Red Devils were crowned as the English champions.

For the 2016-17 season both Manchester clubs have reinforced their locker rooms with two of the best managers in world football – Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. Having locked horns several times before, especially during their spells at Real Madrid and Barcelona, the two particularly became famous for their on-field spats, during their reigns in the Spanish top-flight.

Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho over the years:

In 11 meetings between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Guardiola came out on top on 5 occasions, Mourinho in 2 while 4 encounters ended in a draw.

When it comes to El Clasicos, there have been some mercury-rising bitter battles between the two bosses. Such incidents not just resulted in a sudden adrenaline rush in players but also made the fixture probably the most anticipated amongst fans globally.

The Clasico has always been a super-special encounter, but the Mourinho-Guardiola rivalry certainly laid a benchmark which is yet to be matched by any other rivalry in the game.

Here are some of the most famous quotes from the most hateful managerial rivalry in football:


‘Every time I play Pep I end up with 10 men. It must be some sort of UEFA rule.’

‘Yes, I still have a photo of that embrace. We were close.’ – his reaction to the photo of the two from their time together at Barcelona.

‘My experience does not allow me to be naive. I was in Spain for two years, where the champion would be me or him. There, individual battles make more sense because they can affect the outcome (of the title race).' – on renewed rivalry in England

'If in the Premier League I were to focus on him and Manchester City and he were to focus on me and Manchester United, someone else would be champion. The level of the Premier League is going to get better with the players and coaches who will come.'


‘I know Mourinho and he's trying to provoke me into a reaction, but it won't work.

I'm not going to react. I'm not going to answer back. Only when I think the time is right.’

'I don't see it as a question. He wants to win, I want to win, we know each other pretty well from before at Barcelona.' - on the new Premier League season

Manchester Derby vs El Clasico

The hiring of two of the finest football coaches undoubtedly adds fuel to the already gruelling fire of hatred between the Manchester clubs, with the world already aware of the toxic love affair between the two managerial masterminds.

With the English Premier League transfer crossing the record GBP 1 billion mark this summer, the craze amongst football fanatics is already at its extreme high.

Despite the glittery transfers, acquisition of two of the best managers, massive English football viewership; the big question remains: Can the Manchester Derby dethrone the El Clasico as the most talked about football derby in the world?

The Barcelona vs Real Madrid battle has two of the most important ingredients to drag the attention of football fans from all across the globe – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Unarguably, the inclusion of two best players on the planet is the prime reason behind El Clasico's popularity.

Yes, it is true the Premier League does not boast a name on their roster which can go head-to-head with either Messi or Ronaldo but the summer acquisitions of Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibramhimovic at Manchester United and the likes of John Stones, Ilkay Gundogan and Leroy Sane at Manchester City has set the expectations a notch higher.

Fans from all over the world have set reminders to prevent them from missing the most anticipated derby in England which could well usurp the El Clasico, since the Mourinho-Guardiola rivalry now has a new address in Manchester.

Man Utd vs Man City: Head-to-head

Manchester United:  Matches Win Draw Lose

Overall                            38        20     10     08

Home                              19       14       02    03

Away                              19        06      08     05

Manchester City Matches Win Draw Lose

Overall                      38        24    07      07

Home                        19        14    03      02

Away                         19        10   04      05

From first whistle to last, Manchester United vs Manchester City at Old Trafford is an enthralling encounter where two friends-turned-foes Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola will battle it in an all-new stage, with the world watching all across the globe in what would be an epic battle of two footballing giants.