Pep Guardiola warns foes not to copy Germany

Washington: Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola warned Tuesday that those seeing Germany as a model for success after their World Cup triumph need greater dedication and patience with their own philosophies.

Speaking ahead of the reigning Bundesliga champions` upcoming US tour, the 43-year-old Spaniard said teams who try to reboot their football program after World Cup failures risk falling further behind.

"Any system is good. Any system is wrong," Guardiola said in a conference call.

"I`m not convinced because England is out and Italy is out their system is bad or because Germany won that the philosophy is right.

"Every federation has to believe in what they have and make the best facilities and (opportunities) for the players to develop their talents."

While World Cup results every four years weigh heavily upon football squads worldwide, Guardiola says one bad game can doom your dreams in any event, noting how his ideas were copied during a successful run at Barcelona before his Bayern move.

"All the people went and copied that. It`s a big mistake," he said. "You copy that and because of that one day you won. But one day you are going to lose.

"Be patient with the coach and be patient with the players and you are going to be good."

Guardiola cited his homeland Spain`s early exit after winning the title in 2010 and the decision not to toss out the entire coaching staff and philosophy.

"Spain lost and they will keep going with the same coach and same style of play. And maybe they will go back," he said. "It`s a matter of believing in what you do."

For now, Guardiola believes his squad will have tough matches against Mexican club Chivas on July 31 in suburban New York and the Major League Soccer All-Stars at Portland, Oregon, on August 6 in warm-up matches for the upcoming Bundesliga campaign.

In addition to fitness issues, several Bayern players had key roles in Germany`s run to the World Cup title.

"We want to make a good game and win but we are not in the best moment," Guardiola said. "Nine of the most important players on the team they are still on holidays. I know in this moment (opponents) are fitter than us.

"We`re going to play in the best way possible, the way we believe. Forget about the results and what`s going on with the score. We play our best for the people who come to see us and make the best game possible."
Guardiola says he expects 19-year-old winger Julian Green, who scored a spectacular goal for the United States against Belgium in a World Cup defeat, will stay on Bayern`s top squad for the coming campaign.

"My first idea, he`s going to stay for the rest of the season," Guardiola said while noting that other factors could change that decision before the season starts.

Green is nursing a sore knee but will tour with Bayern in America.

"We were really impressed with his talent, his movement to the goal," said Guardiola. "He`s going to travel in the US and I hope he`s going to be fit and be able to play for us.

"It`s not easy moving up to the senior team but he deserves to try to keep going here and play with us."

Beyond Green, Guardiola was impressed with the US World Cup side of German legend Jurgen Klinsmann.

"United States is making a lot of steps forward in their concept about football," he said. "They play so aggressive and are physically stronger and I was impressed with their backline.

"United States is a reality in the world football. In the next few years, they will be stronger in the World Cup and can make it better and better."

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