Rohan Ricketts in trouble for tweets against coach Armando

Updated: Dec 28, 2012, 13:43 PM IST

Panaji: Dempo`s star foreign striker Rohan Ricketts has been served with a suspension notice for his outburst against coach Armando Colaco on a social networking website.

Ricketts has been given 48 hours to explain his anger against the coach and apologise publicly for his comments or else risk his career with the club.

"We have been following Rohan Ricketts on his twitter account and have to express concern at the turn his tweets have taken," the club said in a statement on Thursday.

Ricketts had been tweeting since Monday against the successful coach Armando Colaco.

"Our boys adore coach Armando, who in turn is a father figure, encouraging a spirit of openness, mutual respect and two-way affection among our lads. It is this atmosphere that has made Dempo SC a champion. It is impossible to conceive how there can be any negativity that Rohan alludes to in such a situation," it stated.

"Off the pitch actions of the coach via the agent who brought me here(soon to be disclosed), threatening tweets, a note on my car from a fan that seems to want to in still fear into me because I spoke my mind a few times.

"So now I don`t feel safe and my desire to be here has Been taken away through the disgusting off the field shenanigans which most of the Goan boys are afraid to voice their individual issues," he tweeted.

Ricketts further tweeted, "The club I play for @DempoSC is an extremely top club in India at the top level of the company but individuals below have tarnished it."

Rohan is expected to reply to the suspension notice on Saturday.

It is not for the first time that Ricketts and Armando have fallen out. They were involved in a similar verbal duel on the eve of the team`s clash against East Bengal last month, which was later resolved.