Silva hopeful of Man City emulating Barcelona success

London: Manchester City star David Silva is hopeful that the reigning English champions can be as successful as Spanish giants Barcelona in the near future.

“They were part of a club which won every title there was to win in both Spain and in Europe. They were part of a very successful era at Barca,” he said.

“Hopefully that’s what they have been brought here for and we can do something similar. We hope one day we’ll be able to be a club that is talked about like Barcelona,” he added.

The Light Blues have stumbled in recent weeks to find themselves trailing Sir Alex Ferguson’s men by six points at the top of the table.

But despite that, Silva admits Roberto Mancini’s men can come out on top again, just like they did last season when United blew an eight-point lead with six games to go, the Daily Star reports.

“It would be right up there with all the other big competitions that I’ve won. Winning the Premier League is seen as a big thing. It would be a great achievement to retain it. I’ve been lucky I’ve won a lot of medals but I’d still like to win more,” he said.

“Six points? It is a gap, it is a big gap, but last year we saw how United were in front by quite a lot of points and we won the league anyway. It can be done. You don’t have the pressure anymore to win because you have won it, perhaps. But the players do have the hunger to win it again so we’ll go for it,” he added.