Soon, dead Barca fans can watch favourite stars in action from beyond the grave

ANI| Updated: Jan 18, 2014, 14:31 PM IST

London: Spanish giants Barcelona has reportedly announced their plans to enable 3,000 `lucky` deceased fans to take their place at the Nou Camp.

The club intends to include a newly-built `Barcelona mausoleum`, which will originally have space for 500 urns containing the ashes of the dead fans, into a renovated Nou Camp in the future, which will then have capacity for 30,000 urns.

According to a leading website, club`s director of facilities Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca said that the move is a response to a historic demand from fans that their remains could rest at the stadium.

The report mentioned that the 30,000 capacity second-phase of the project, named Memorial Space FC Barcelona, is being planned in conjunction with partners Giem Sports , which stated that the project is a tribute to those who wish to be bound forever to the club.

Supporters will be able to purchase ceramic slabs decorated in Barcelona colours, behind which their loved ones` remains will be kept, the report added.