South Africa considering ban on vuvuzela from soccer matches

Johannesburg: South African soccer officials have been considering a ban on the indigenous plastic horn vuvuzela following a rise in incidents where the vuvuzela was used to cause harm. According to Premier Soccer League (PSL) officials, although they are not yet pursuing a ban, it has become a topic of conversation after the vuvuzelas were thrown at South African coach Roger de Sa after his side were held to a draw at the Moses Mabhida Stadium earlier this month.

The report further said that in a separate incident, a supporter, angry at a red-card decision against his team, charged on the pitch and hit the referee with the plastic instrument during a league match in Durban. PSL general manager Derek Blanckensee said that in keeping with the league rules which ban all dangerous weapons from matches, the vuvuzela may too be forbidden from matches if it becomes a dangerous weapon.

The incidents, which have not only called into question security at PSL games but also the future of the vuvuzela which remains popular with most local fans, may put a ban on the plastic instrument although the report suggested that the PSL officials are wary of a backlash should they decide the instrument may no longer be taken to games. The report further said that some other countries have already banned the vuvuzela after fans attempted to bring it into stadiums. The vuvuzela was also unpopular with global audiences during the 2010 Football World Cup after the droning noise of the instrument drew complaints from the people.