Subhas Bhowmick hopes to end Bagan`s trophy drought

PTI| Last Updated: Aug 08, 2014, 19:29 PM IST

Kolkata: Kolkata giant Mohun Bagan`s Technical Director Subhas Bhowmick today said his prime effort would be to end the four-year long trophy drought for the I-League side.

"The club (Mohun Bagan) has not won a single trophy during the last four years and as such we are taking it very seriously," Bhowmick said.

The 2009 Calcutta Football League (CFL) title was the last trophy that entered the green and maroon tent.
Mohun Bagan brought back Bhowmick, who won the I-League title with Churchill Brothers in 2012-13, after four years as the technical director for a third term.

Bhowmick, who parted ways with Bagan in 2010-11, told a press conference that he was happy that the club authorities provided him with most of the amenities he asked for.

"I hope this would pay dividends as all the players are motivated to give their best in the matches," he said.

On the Calcutta Football League (Premier Division) beginning Monday with Bagan taking on former I-League campaigner Tollygunge Agragami, Bhowmick said despite being one of the oldest tournaments in the world, it has lost much of its glory of late.

"To me and my team CFL has great importance and we are taking it very seriously,"

He admitted that the team has some weakness in the defence and "we are trying to make it up".

Asked about the forthcoming Indian Soccer League (ISL) and the system of keeping a marquee player, Bhowmick said "Certainly ISL and system of keeping a marquee player in the team will do some good for the soccer now."

"But it is to be seen how much impact the ISL will make on Indian soccer is to be seen," the Bagan technical Director added.

About his plan as Bagan would have to release as many as 11 players for the ISL, he said "The situation is more or less same for all the I-League teams."