Tony Fernandes open to Kochi or Chennai I-League franchise

Kochi: The city of Kochi and its vast majority of football fans were left enraptured last weekend. Tony Fernandes run Queen Park Rangers (QPR), the now relegated English side, who are looking at prospects of owning and operating an I-League club, are in the process of considering Kochi or Chennai as their base.

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) had informed Goal that QPR is keen on buying a franchisee in the I-League next season

It was for this reason that Tony Fernandes himself visited the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Kochi on Sunday. He expressed great satisfaction at the facilities that were already in place at the stadium.

The chairman of QPR had previously visited Chennai as well but mentioned that having seen the facilities at Kochi, it is also under consideration.

“At first Kochi was not in our plans but after arriving here and seeing the facilities and enthusiasm of the fans, we have started considering Kochi seriously,” Fernandes was quoted saying in The Times of India.

He also explained that any likely final decision would be taken with his team of Consultants.