Twitter tiki-taka for Neymar, Ronaldo and Dilma

Costa do Sauipe: Just ahead of Friday`s World Cup draw, Brazil starlet Neymar and 2002 champion Ronaldo engaged in a little Twitter tiki-taka with President Dilma Rousseff.

"The eyes of the world are on Brazil," tweeted Dilma, to kick off the online encounter.

Before the other two could get their challenges in, Dilma asked Neymar: "So is there a difference if you meet opponents considered as weaker at the start or do you prefer to meet the best at the outset?"

"Ah, in a World Cup there is no such thing as a weak opponent, isn`t that so Ronaldo?" came Neymar`s response.

Ronaldo, scorer of the goals that clinched the 2002 final win over Germany, said teams had to guard against complacency

"In the games considered as easier there is more pressure to win," said the former star striker.

Dilma promptly came back with another challenge.

"Playing with the Brazilian fans behind you makes all the difference, isn`t that so?"

"Without a doubt! You only have to look at the support we got at the Confederations Cup," said Neymar, referring to Brazil`s thrashing of world champions Spain in the June final.

Dilma then asked Ronaldo, who netted a recond 15 goals in World Cup action: "You played at four World Cups. How nervous are you before the group draw?"

"Everyone was very keen to know who they would be up against," said Ronaldo, who predicted that would also be the case this time with all eight former champions in the draw.

"To see a World Cup in a country where everyone is a bit of a would-be coach and player is going to be incredible," added Ronaldo.