UEFA sets 10-match ban for players, officials guilty of racism

Johannesburg: The Union of European Football Associations is set to impose a minimum ban of 10 matches for players and officials found guilty of racist offences in European club matches or internationals.

The decision of the ban has been taken under the tougher disciplinary regulations approved by their executive committee.

The committee is set to propose that all their 53 national associations adopt the same sanction, although the English FA announced last week it would be imposing a minimum five-match ban for racist offences.

According to UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino, clubs would also face partial closure of stadiums for a first incident of racist abuse by fans and a full closure for a second offence plus a 50, 000 euro fine.

The report further said that players or officials insulting match officials would be banned for an increased three matches from the original two-match ban, while the penalty for assault has been increased from 10 to 15 matches.

Infantino added that the organisation is sending a very strong message that this kind of behaviour will no longer be tolerated in any form. The new sanctions, adopted by the executive committee, will initially apply to all matches in European competition, with UEFA hoping its members adopt the same punishments for their domestic matches, the report added.