Ukraine wants Russia punished for admitting Crimean clubs

Kiev: Ukrainian Football Federation boss Anatoly Konkov has called upon the world and European football ruling bodies to punish the Russian Football Union for admitting clubs from Crimea, which Russia annexed.

A letter by Konkov posted at the official Football Federation of Ukraine site stated that "the Russian Football Union executive board illegally and arbitrarily incorporated the Ukrainian clubs from the Crimean peninsula."

It said that the RFU had not officially notified the world body FIFA nor the European body UEFA about this decision, and that three Ukrainian clubs have now played in the Russian Cup.

"We understand this activity is in conflict with the regulations of FIFA, UEFA, FFU and RFU," said Konkov.

The statement came out hours after three clubs from the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Russia in March from Ukraine, took part in the Russia`s national cup play.

Last month the RFU gave three Crimean clubs -- TSK Simferopol, SKCF Sevastopol and Zhemchuzhina Yalta -- the all clear to join the southern zone of the Russian league third division.

The trio have been recently refounded from scratch and were registered in the southern Russian cities of Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don.

"As the president of the Ukrainian national association, I am asking you to take all necessary actions to deal with the situation, including applying sanctions to the party that broke the regulations and ignores the basic principles of top football institutions," said Konkov in the letter.

"Crimea is a part of Ukrainian territory and all of the subjects of Crimean football are still under the FFU jurisdiction," he added.

"We are asking for your answer to clear up the `Crimean issue` as soon as possible. The future of Ukrainian and world football depends on you," said Konkov.

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