Villas-Boas says City’s superior wealth is responsible for their better squad

London: Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has said Manchester City’s financial strength is the reason behind them having a better squad than other top English Premier League teams.

He bemoaned the fact that Chelsea didn’t had access to top footballers to the club due to the emergence of City as a financial power backed by Abu Dhabi based billionaire Sheikh Mansour.

“Maybe in the past we had it, but not how it was applied by City this season. I don’t think you can compare the two squads. They have a better squad, have more depth, with good players,” The Telegraph quoted Villas-Boas, as saying. “Economic power has a direct influence on choice-making. People could have gone to City because of the project that was being built, the super-team being built. But, as you know, the numbers being paid are extreme. Maybe with Financial Fair Play, everyone will have a better chance of access to those players,” he said.

When asked whether he thinks City even has a better squad than 19 times English champions Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspurs, Villas-Boas said: “In normal circumstances we would be ahead of those teams.” Villas-Boas also stressed that the current Chelsea squad was not performing up to the level and referred to former manager Carlo Ancelotti while explaining the importance of winning trophies every season at a club like Chelsea.

“We have put together a very competent squad. We are under performing. Failure to win any trophies at a club of this dimension is something we cannot accept and so we have to take responsibility for that, the management, for sure. It happened last year, after a double-winning side,” he added.