We will win title despite Mancini’s mind games, says Rooney

London: Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has insisted that the club will not fall for Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini’s mind games this season.

Mancini tipped United for the Premier League title after they managed Robin van Persie to join at the Old Trafford.

“I don’t know about that. Mancini’s entitled to his opinion, but some people will think it’s City who are favourites and some people will think it’s Chelsea. I only know that we have worked hard this summer because we want to claim our title back, and I hope we can do that,” the Daily Mirror quoted Rooney, as saying.

Rooney believes that United will prove itself with the beginning of a new season and the players would in their best form to win matches.

“This is a new season and we will have to be at our best to win our first match. It’s always a big game for us and it’s always a tough game, especially at Goodison Park,” Rooney said.

“After suffering a disappointment like we did last season it’s vital we get off to a quick start. We can’t let our rivals get a head start on us so it’s vital we hit the ground running,” he added.