Women footballers get up faster than men

Washington: A new study has revealed that football players, male or female, spend on average 38 percent of the total game time not chasing the ball. However, men remain on the ground significantly longer after injuries.

In some games, the interruptions took as much as 53 percent of the time, thus exceeding the duration of the actual sports activity, according to sports scientists from the Chair of Training Science and Sports Informatics at TUM in a study of 56 football games.

In sum, interruptions in men and women`s football are about the same.

The individual interruptions, though, are significantly longer in men`s football.

Cheering a goal, for instance, takes almost a full minute with men, while women only cheer half as long.

At 45 seconds, substitutions in men`s football take almost 10 seconds longer than in women`s football.

Particularly striking are the differences in the duration of injury interruptions - the stronger sex remains on the ground 30 seconds longer.

Overall, when women play, interruptions are more frequent, but the game generally resumes much faster than with men.

"In general the differences can be interpreted as follows: For men the thought of staging themselves is much more pronounced than for women, where the game itself is obviously paramount," said TUM sports scientist Prof. Martin Lames.

Pulling off a show, play-acting and protesting are more typical of men.

"The reason for this could be that men`s football generally pulls in more spectators and receives greater media coverage," explained Lames.


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