`Tearful` Neymar claims Zuniga`s challenge could have left him paralyzed

London: Brazilian striker Neymar reportedly broke down in tears as he claimed that the challenge from Colombia`s Juan Zuniga that injured a vertebra in his back during their 2-1 World Cup quarterfinal win could have left him paralyzed.

Neymar, whose World Cup campaign ended with the challenge, said that God blessed him, adding that if it had been another two centimeters he could be in a wheelchair today.

Zuniga apologised to Neymar and FIFA said that no disciplinary action could be taken because the incident was spotted and dealt with by referee Velasco Carballo on the pitch during the match, The BBC reported.

Neymar said that Zuniga called him the next day to say sorry but he stopped short of forgiving the Colombian for the challenge.

The striker said that he does not hate Zuniga, he does not hold a grudge, but added that he does not feel anything.

Neymar said that it is difficult to talk about a move that ended happening in such an important moment of his career.

The Brazilian said that he would not say that Zuniga came to injure him, adding that he does not know what was going on in his head but everyone who understands football can see that it wasn`t a normal challenge.

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