2014 FIFA World Cup: Betting Obama beer and other stories

Betting Barack beer

Belgium Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo has offered US President Barrack Obama a bet to see whose team wins when the sides meet in the last 16 in Brasilia on Tuesday. Di Rupo wrote on Twitter: "Hey @BarackObama, I am betting some great Belgian beers that our @BelRedDevils will make it to the quarter final! :-) #ComeOnBelgium #Bel." Obama has a poor record on such bets having lost two crates of Canadian beet to Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper after the US men`s and women`s ice hockey teams lost to their Canadian counterparts at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The White House subsequently delivered two cases of WH beer to the Canadian Embassy. Harper later told a radio station in Toronto that it wasn`t the first time he won bets with Obama, who had always paid up.

Crimebuster Kamara told off

Former English footballer Chris Kamara was told off by Brazilian police and the British Consulate in Brazil after catching a street robber red-handed. Kamara, a popular television personality now, posted pictures of his `catch` on Twitter, saying: "Not lost me pace!!! I just caught this street robber. Done in now though." However, after explaining he had had to go to the local police station to give a statement, he then revealed he`d been reprimanded: "Police & British Consulate in Brazil have politely told me off, a lot of these guys are armed! So don`t chase again."

Helicopter spies disturb Chile

Chile`s training session at their Toca Da Raposa II base in Belo Horizonte was disrupted Thursday by a television helicopter spying on them. O Globo paid for the helicopter to fly over Chile`s training ground to spy on the team who will play the hosts Brazil in the last 16 on Saturday. Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli interrupted the training session until the helicopter went away but the players came up with a different method to try to drive away the unwanted visitor. "We tried to hit the helicopter (with balls) but we didn`t manage it," said full-back Mauricio Isla.

Two-day marathon in the Doll`s house

While a Belgian model has offered to marry a football fan if her country manages to win the World Cup, in Chile an adult actress is trying to outdo her. Marlen Doll has offered to let her fans join her in a two-hour marathon if Chile beat Brazil in the last 16 on Saturday. Doll has been making such vows throughout the World Cup and has so far been good to her word. She has already delivered on 12-hour and 16-hour pleasure fest promises after Chile`s group stage victories over Australia and Spain, although her fans were left disappointed after missing out on an 18-hour session after La Roja lost 2-0 to the Netherlands in their final Group B clash. Doll`s twitter followers have increased from 5,000 to over 100,000 during the World Cup.

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