2014 FIFA World Cup: Honduras vs Ecuador - As it happened...


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FULL-TIME: Honduras 1-2 Ecuador

90+5' - Honduras have tried to steal the an equaliser. But, it's full time.

90+2' - Enner Valencia scored a third goal, but disallowed. Off-side.

90+1'- Ecuador SUB: Jefferson Montero replaced by Gabriel Achilier.

90' - Enner Valencia showed his touch for one last time today as he chested a high ball then tried to dribble two Honduras players in a tight area. But he was tripped, and blocked. Free-kick to Ecuador in the Honduras half.

In between, the officials have ADDED three minutes.

89' - Ecuador players are drawing their opponents by playing wide of the field. And have no hurry in the play, understandably after the goal advantage.

86' - From the relay play, Maynor Figueroa took a shot at the goal, but the ball missed the top corner by a whisker.

85' - Jerry Bengtson produced an excellent cross but Costly missed the contact. All he needed to do was to tap.

83' - Multiple SUBS for Ecuador: Edison Mendez replaced Felipe Caicedo, and Carlos Gruezo on for Oswaldo Minda.

Honduras SUB: Carlos Gruezo replaced Oscar Garcia.

80' - From the set-play, Espinoza delivered the ball directly in the Ecuadorian half. But nothing came off of the following play.

79' - Free-kick to Ecuador as Jefferson Montero tried to bring down Carlo Costly. The players, then, involved in a verbal duel. A timely intervention from the referee save the day, but not before Montero got a booking.

78' - Roger Espinoza tried a long-ranger, but his attempt was never going to find the target.

77' - From a corner in the melee, Honduras tried to attack with Mario Martine taking the corner. Good defending from Ecuador broke the flow.

75' - Still a period of build-up for the central Americans. Espinoza's dipping cross almost found Costly inside the Ecuador box. But he was blocked, physically.

74' - Roger Espinoza and Carlo Costly tried to create an opening in front of the Ecuador D, but Espinoza failed to keep control on the ball and gifted away to the rivals.

73' - Honduras won a free-kick, some 30 metres away. But Maynor Figueroa's kick sailed over the bar.

72' - Some bad tussle on the right flank involving Maynor Figueroa and Emer Valencia. The Ecuador striker got a BOOKING for kicking the ball away upon referee's whistle.

70' - Dominguez, who is also a waiter and a farm labourer, got up on his feet after medical attention. In between, Honduras made a SUBSTITUTE: Luis Garrido out, Mario Martinez in.

69' - Honduras continued to press hard, won a throw-in. Then, another near the flag-post. From Brayan Beckeles' throw, Costly climbed high and made contact with Alexander Dominguez. Free-kick to Ecuador.

67' - From the restart, Antonio Valencia got a reprimand from the referee as fouled an opponent.

65' - Then there, Enner Valencia headed home his second goal of the day.

64' - From the corner, Ecuador won a free-kick. From the set-piece, Walter Ayovi sent a perfect dipping delivery.

63' - Antonio Valencia tried to beat Juan Carlos Garcia on the right flank, but ended up earning a corner.

61' - After the hour mark, Jerry Bengtson put the ball once again in the net. But disallowed. This time a clear off-side call. And luckily, no confusion.

60' - From Oscar Garcia's corner, Carlos Costly found a header but it went off the post.

59' - Jerry Bengtson, on the other side, forced Alexander Dominguez to produce a stunning save to deny his long-ranger. Corner to Honduras.

57' - Felipe Caicedo almost found the lead for Ecuador. Or, he could have earned a penalty, but the sturdy player kept on with the run despite a possible tackle.

54' - Antonio Valencia BOOKED for a late tackle on Oscar Boniek Garcia.

55' - From a poor back-pass, Honduras almost allowed an onrushing Ecuador player to snatch the ball from the goalie.

54' - However, from the flag-kick, they failed to take initiative, which allowed Honduras to get a hold on the ball.

53' - Brilliant run from Jefferson Montero, as he beat a defender in pace then won a corner for Ecuador.

51' - Honduras won a throw-in. From the play, the team from central American enjoyed a spell of good possession.

50' - The only substitute made during the interval was that of Juan Garcia replacing Emilio Izaguirre for Honduras.

49' - Restart from Honduras half with a Noel Valladares free-kick.

48' - Victor Bernardez got a warning for committing a foul. Ecuador won a free-kick.

46' - Seconf-half action started with Beckeles taking a shot at the Ecuador goal. But, Alexander Dominguez produced a good save.

HALF-TIME Honduras 1 - 1 Ecuador

45+3' - From the goal-kick, the game continued for a while in the centre as both the sides traded blows. But soon, a Honduras goal was disallowed as the referee called for a free-kick, off an off-side.

The confusion, over the off-side call on Jerry Bengtson, was overall a result of the assistant referee's reluctance to raise the flag.

Jerry Bengtson got a Yellow Card for his complain to the referee.
45+1' - Victor Bernardez's attempt from the set-piece was travelling. But Alexander Dominguez dived on his left to produced a save. Corner to Honduras though.

45' - Free kick to Honduras as Jorge Guagua committed a foul in Ecuadro half.

44' - Game interrupted as Walter Ayovi received a medical attention. Two minutes ADDED.

42' - Ecuador once again won a corner. From the set-piece, Felipe Caicedo tried to head home a goal. But his attempt flew over the bar.

40' - With some five minutes to the break, Ecuador won a a corner. From Jefferson Montero's delivery, Honduras defenders cleared the ball to safety.

38' - Juan Carlos Paredes received medical attention. But the Ecuador defender is all right.

37' - Maynor Figueroa got a warning from the referee as his attempt to win back the ball went overbroad.

35' - After the re-start, Alexander Dominguez have a goal-kick, but failed to find any of his team-mates.

34' - What a response! Enner Valencia equalised within three minutes. That was his sixth goal in six games. Superb stat.

31' - Honduras scored for the first time in some 400 minutes. What a strike, Carlos Costly!

27' - From the corner, Maynor Figueroa found ample space to work on a kick, but his attempt to fail to hit the target. Goal-kick to Ecuador.

26' - Roger Espinoza, known for his long-range goals, tried a left-footed kick. But his shot got deflected after it hit a Ecuador defender, for a corner.

25' - Excellent marking by Brayan Beckeles as the Honduras defender got the better of Antonio Valencia's run. The Man Utd winger was trying to cut inside the Honduras box.

23' - It's still a goalless as both the sides continue to exchange blows in the midfield. But as of now, Ecuador are the favourites, as they have posted few goal-scoring chances.

21' - After Valencia's poor corner kick, Honduras moved ahead. But soon, Ecuador won back the ball. Ecuador are surely having the better spell in the first quarter.

20' - From the quick goal-kick from Honduras, Ecuador won back a corner. From the flag, another Valencia, Antonio delivered. But from the play, another corner borne.

19' - Enner Valencia, what a miss!! After scoring five goals in the last five games, he should berry that one. However, his shot sailed over the bar. Ecuador are pressing hard.

18' - But, again, the South American team failed to create a tangible chance.

17' - Maynor Figueroa got a caution as he tried to block a Ecuador player. Free kick to Ecuador.

16' - Goal-kick by Ecuador goalie found one his team-mates, but from the play, Honduras created a chance. But an alert keeper came out of his position to cut short the attack.

14' - After a barren period, Honduras got their share of possession. But their move failed to move ahead.

11'- Noboa got another chance, this time, failed to control his movement inside the Honduras box.

9' - From the set-piece, Cristian Noboa tried to curl, but the ball crashed into the wall.

7' - Yellow Card for Victor Bernardez. Free-kick to Ecuador.

5' - Felipe Caicedo had a good run through the centre before releasing the ball to Jefferson Montero. But in the following play, Honduras defenders won the tussle.

4' - Within a space of minute, both the teams have created goal scoring opportunities at either end. Both the goal-keepers have produced good saves to deny those chances.

2' - Jefferson Montero missed an opportunity to work on a minus from the centre as Ecuador found early entrance in the Honduras area.

1' - Soon after the start, Ecuador won a free-kick in the centre itself.

Ecuador in Yellow top, will start from the centre. Honduras are wearing all whites.

Australian Ben Williams will officiate the match.

Here are the team-sheets:

Honduras XI: Noel Valladares; Brayan Beckeles, Victor Bernardez, Maynor Figueroa, Emilio Izaguirre; Andy Najar, Oscar Boniek Garcia, Luis Garrido, Jorge Claros, Roger Espinoza; Carlo Costly

SUBS: Luis Lopez, Osman Chavez, Juan Pablo Montes, Juan Carlos Garcia, Wilson Palacios, Jerry Palacios, Mario Martinez, Jerry Bengtson, Edder Delgado, Rony Martinez, Donis Escober, Marvin Chavez

Ecuador XI: Alexander Dominguez; Juan Carlos Paredes, Jorge Guagua, Frickson Erazo, Walter Ayovi; Oswaldo Minda, Antonio Valencia, Cristian Noboa, Jefferson Montero; Enner Valencia, Felipe Caicedo

SUBS: Maximo Banguera, Renato Ibarra, Edison Mendez, Joao Rojas, Adrian Bone, Michael Arroyo, Jaime Ayov, Oscar Bagui, Luis Fernando Saritama, Fidel Martinez, Gabriel Achilier, Carlos Gruezo


Welcome to our coverage of the Group E encounter between Honduras and Ecuador at the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba. Both the teams are looking for the first win of the tournament after respective opening losses to France and Switzerland.

Both the teams have a penchant for quick counter attacking games thanks to the abundance extremely fit players in their ranks.

For Ecuador, it will be Antonio Valencia`s game despite his limited influence in the previous game. With the wealth experience, the Manchester United winger can wreak havoc in Honduras half. He will be ably supported by the 19-year-old midfielder Carlos Gruezo. Then they have Jefferson Montero up-front. How well Reinaldo Rueda utilise these players will decide the result.

For Honduras, the situation can be little tricky after losing influential midfielder Wilson Palacios with a red-card in the first match. However, Luis Fernando Suarez still got plenty of talented players to fill up the void, like Boniek Garcia, Roger Espinoza, Andy Najar. Up front, the likes of Carlo Costly and Jerry Bengtson can be handful for any side.

In their last meeting, last November, both the teams settled for a 2-2 draw in Houston. Notably, for Honduras, Carlo Costly scored both the goals. However, the central American nation has now been eliminated in their last five World Cup matches in the first round itself.

One little fact is, Ecuador’s Rueda was in charge of Honduras at South Africa 2010 whereas Suarez guided Ecuador to the round of 16 in Germany 2006.

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