2014 FIFA World Cup, Round of 16: Brazil vs Chile - As it happened...


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The Great Braazilian Escape is Completed

10the Kick: Brazil 3 - 2 Chile, Gonzalo Jara, one of the most experience players in the Chile squad, hit the frame of the post and misses

9th Kick: Brazil 3 - 2 Chile, Neymar survived the angst and pressure, converted

8th Kick: Brazil 2 - 2 Chile, Diaz restored parity

7th Kick: Brazil 2 - 1 Chile, Hulk denied by Bravo

6th Kick: Brazil 2 - 1 Chile, Aranguiz opened for Chile

5th Kick: Brazil 2 - 0 Chile, Marcelo beat Bravo for a two goal lead.

4th Kick: Brazil 1 - 0 Chile, Cesar saved Sanchez.

3rd Kick: Brazil 1 - 0 Chile, Willian missed the target.

2nd Kick: Brazil 1 - 0 Chile, mighty saved from Cesar to deny Pinilla.

1st Kick: Brazil 1 - 0 Chile, as the costliest defender sent Bravo wrong way.

Brazil will have the first kick. And it's David Luiz!

Brazil managed not to score a single goal in their last shoot-out, against Paraguay. 2011 Copa America.


FULL-TIME ET: Brazil 1 - 1 Chile

122+1' - Brazil soon got the ball to create their chance thanks to a great Neymar run. From the effort, Brazil won a corner, which resulted in a few more rolling of the ball, until Ramires took a shot, which missed the right post by a whisker.

119' - Pinilla, what a shot. The ball hit the bar from a counter attack.

118' - Then Brazil soon won the ball back. After couple of passes, including a back pass to Cesar, Hulk tried a long ranger, which sailed over the bar.

117' - Desperate defending from Chile as Neymar got bullied inside the Chile half. From the free-kick, Willian tried to find his team-mates with a curling delivery, but a Chile defender got the ball to safety.

115' - After an extended possession inside the Chile half, including couple of tidy, neat passes, Chile won a free-kick in their won half as muscles started to cramp.

114' - Hulk, on the run, got an elbow from a Chile player. Free-kick to Brazil.

113' - Marcello lost the ball. Pinilla and Gutierrez combined to create a move but Luiz involved to cut short the move.

112' - A little trick from Pinilla, feigning injury. But Webb asked him to get up and Brazil won a free-kick. From the play, Chile got a move. But they seem more happy wasting time.

111' - Alves got a sight on the goal from a distance but it went over the bar.

110' - Two Chile players are on the ground. One is Gutierrez, fouled by Willian.

108' - Brazil continue tp push hard as newly arrived Willian got himself involved in a move, which unluckily went out of play.

107' - From the flag-kick, Neymar found Jo climbing over a Chile defender, but his header failed to hit the target. In between, Chile defender Medel received medical attention.

106' - Soon, Neymar got a free-run from the left. His delivery was blocked a defender for a corner.

106' - Another 15 minutes before the penalty shoot-out. During the change-over, Oscar was substituted by Willian.

FIRST-HALF ET: Brazil 1 - 1 Chile

105+2' - Sanchez went directly for glory as his curling effort failed to hit the target.

105+1' -Yellow Card for Dani Alves as he elbowed a Chilean. Moments earlier, an unmarked Hulk tried a magical move inside the Chile box but the ball went out of play.

104' - In between, Chile got a chance for themselves inside the Brazil half. One minute ADDED.

103' - From the deflection, Chile tried to build their own attack from the right, but Luiz committed a foul.

102'- Hulk's left footed drive, from the top of the box, was saved by the Chile goalie.

101' - Yellow Card for Pinilla as he tripped Luiz in the centre. Brazil are certainly enjoying a period of excellence.

100' - Diaz got the a ball, but his release found a Brazilian player inside the Brazil half. From where, Brazilians created yet another chance, with Hulk crossing a good ball across the goal-mouth. But Oscar's header was weak.

99' - However, it's Brazil on the move. Switched flanks with relative ease, and from a Marcello delivery, Jo almost found a perfect ball to score. But Chile are defending tight, leaving no space.

98' - Alves released a long ball for Jo on the right but Jo's bid to control the ball on the touchline failed and Chile won a throw-in.

97' - Chile wasted a chance to cut-inside the Brazil box from the left from a throw-in near the goal-line. Instead conceded a free-kick the hosts.

95' - Brazil won a goal-kick following yet another Chile free-kick. From the Cesar kick, Neymar wrested the ball from a Chile player. Referee called for a foul. Chile free-kick, taken by goalie Bravo.

93' - Yellow Card for Jo for his high boot. And from the free-kick, Chile pressed further up.

92' - Brazil, after a brief Chile possession, attacked with renewed energy. Jo found a long ball inside the Chile box, in a bid to control the ball, lifted his left foot high which connected with an onrushing Bravo.

Bravo is on the ground.

91' - From the Neymar free-kick, Brazil won a corner, which was headed by Gutierrez.

91'- Soon, Hulk won a free-kick just outside the Chile box on the left.

Chile re-started from the centre as another 30 minutes of play awaits a nervy crowd and an world-wide audience.

Match heads into EXTRA-TIME.

FULL-TIME: Brazil 1 - 1 Chile

90+3' - Brazil survived the last 10 minutes of relentless Chile attack.

90+2' - Chile, from the corner, did test the Brazil defenders as the packed crowd whimpered in desperation.

90+1' - Chile are in control. Diaz drove one from a distant which was blocked by Alves for a corner.

89' - Three minutes ADDED. Brazil survived some close calls inside their box as Chile attacked from both flanks.

88' - Sanchez survived a couple of rough challenges in the centre from the Brazilians. He managed to push ahead with a side pass on the right, from where Chile continue to attack.

87' - Chile won a goal-kick with three minutes into the regulation time.

87' - Chile SUB: Arturo Vidal replaced by Mauricio Pinilla.

86' - Vidal gave away the possession to Neymar in the centre area, but Chile soon regrouped to win back the ball.

85' - Chile, looking composed and probably happy with their effort, are controlling the proceedings. And in their every move, Sanchez is involved. What an influence from the Barca player.

84' - From the deflection, Brazil continued to press hard. But this time, Chile defenders joined hands to thwart the Brazilians.

83' - With under 10 minutes into the play, Brazil suddenly found themselves going a kill. Hulk, after his goal disallowed at the start of the second half, produced a great strike. But his right footed shot was saved by Claudio Bravo with a diving effort.

81' - Neymar's attempt to beat the Chile goalie failed as Bravo kept his ground. From the subsequent play, Brazil got, through Oscar, got another chance, which went begging.

80' - From a high ball, Brazil created the best chance of the second half.

79' - But, the circumspect Brazilians failed to control the ball.

78' - From a loose pass, Brazil won back the ball but Jo was caught from behind by Jara in the centre. Free-kick to Chile.

77' - Chile won a throw-in in their own half, then Diaz involved himself in a creative move involving Aranguiz and Vidal.

75' - After a brief interruption, the play resumed with Chile once again trying to create an opening inside the Brazil half.

73' - Hulk, after controlling the ball for a couple minutes running, delivered a cross from the left. But his delivery just missed an onrushing Jo. Missed chance.

72' - Brazil switched the flanks, as Alves got Luiz in the centre, then Luiz got Marcello. But, after few passes, Chile won back the ball.

71' - Brazil SUB: Fernandinho replaced by Ramires.

70' - Brazil, at last got a free-kick, in their own half. But once again, failed to create any tangible move for themselves.

67' - These 15 minutes or so, it's all Chile.

66' - From the following corner. Gutierrez tried to find a Chile player inside the Brazil box. But Cesar was there.

65' - What a save from Cesar. The Brazil goalie dived low on his left to block a Chile attempt from close range.

64' - Brazil SUB: Fred replaced by Jo.

60' - Gustavo, who a little while ago got a reprieve after pushing a Chile player, got a booking for a late tackle.

57' - Sanchez's delivery from the corner was cleared away rather comfortably by the Brazilians.

56' - Chile SUB: Eduardo Vargas replaced by Felipe Gutierrez.

54' - His celebration was cut short as the Webb booked him for a handball.

53' - Hulk, what a missed chance. He should have chested down the ball before slotting the ball. But the referee caught his extended arm controlling the ball.

51' - From the exchange, Brazil built-up a little move inside the Chile half.

50' - Chile got a throw in on the left. Sanchez, from the near corner delivered a neat ball to Vidal, then Vidal laid if for an onrushing team-mate. But the ball was cleared away by a Brazil defender.

49' - Brazil, after a nervy start to the half, got the possession for a while. Then Fernandinho got a long-ranger, missing the right post.

48' - From the corner, Cesar got to the ball first and punched away.

47' - Chile, on the break, got the first free-kick of the half off a David Luiz foul, inside the Brazil half as a subdued crowd witnesses the proceeding.

46' - Neymar is trying to much. He did got his legs doing the talking, but it was great defending from Chile.

In the first half, possession-wise, Chile got the upper-hand but Brazil created more chances. 10 in all, of which six found the target.

One glaring difficiency in the Brazil attack was that of wayward running from Oscar. Brazil need the medio in full flow to get Neymar free-up.

For Chile, they seem content with the Brazilian defenders in tight spot.

HALF-TIME: Brazil 1 - 1 Chile

45+1' - Diaz delivered the ball inside the Brazil box, then won another corner. Nothing worthwhile happened afterwards.

45' - One mighty chance for Chile as Aranguiz tried to dissect the Brazil defence from a Sanchez delivery. But Fernandinho did an excellent job blocking the ball and also Aranguiz. Corner for Chile. And Two minutes ADDED.

43' - Neymar delivered the ball right inside the ball, then after few heading attempts, including a close one from Hulk, the ball went Chil's way.

42' - Brazil won a corner as Bravo saved a long-ranger from Alves.

41' - Jara got a Chile attack running, but failed to find any of his team-mates.

40' - Yellow Card for Francisco Silva. The Chile player will also miss the next match, if they are to play in the quarters.

39' - Brazil's attacking flair is no doubt, one of the best. And Neymar has got it on full display. From one such build-up, Fred found himself unmarked but his attempt sailed over the bar. Bad finish.

38' - Luiz delivered a cross inside the Chile box. Then, from the following play got himself involved in a senseless tussle with Vidal. Lucky not to be booked.

37' - Oscar, tried to a looping delivery, but Bravo was flying and punched away the ball to safety.

35' - On the counter, Mena got a good run on the left. But soon, Brazil got back-to-back corners

34' - Oscar, briefly coming playing upfront, got a throw-in their favour inside the Chile half. Then from the following play, Brazilians swarmed the Chile box. And got couple chances...

33' - Chile GOAL!!! Brilliant finish from Alexis Sanchez. Cool pass from Vargas.

What a mess from the Brazilian defenders. They have the throw-in on the left, some distance from the touchline and found the ball inside their own net.

30' - At the half-hour mark, Hulk got it right with his positioning to clear the ball from an incessant Chile attack.

29' - Neymar got a tumble inside the Chile half as Vidal's block cut short the Barca man's run. Some jumping and cringing, later, Neymar got on to his feet, for the free-kick.

28' - David Luiz, what a long ball. Not a Brazilian way, but his delivery from the Brazilian goalmouth found Neymar on the far corner. But, an alert defending unit from Chile was up to the task.

26' - Dani Alves is playing a crucial role. Has got few important clearance for the Brazilians as fans continue to call for more goals.

25' - Neymar, once again, on his stride got the better of few Chile defenders. But his last attempt inside the Chile box went outside, off the target.

A few moments earlier, Marcelo fouled Sanchez on the right. But nothing worthwhile happened for Chile from the resulting free-kick.

23'- Good play from Vargas as Chile tried to expose the Brazilian left-wing.

21' - Chile, certainly trying not to look overawed, are trying to regroup after that goal. And have gained some possession back, including a free-kick inside the Brazil half.

18' - Brazil GOAL!!! What a finish from David Luiz. Beautiful delivery from Neymar from the far corner. After few replays, it's now clear that the defender was lucky indeed to be there. It could have been an own goal.

17' - Brazil got a corner from the resulting free-kick.

16' - Yellow Card for Eugenio Mena, for handling. Brazil got a free-kick in the Chile half.

15' - By the turn of the possession. Brazil got another chance as Neymar got a free run inside the Chile box. But his minus towards the right for a team-mate spoilt the chance.

14' - Neymar got a call from the ref. for a foul. Brazilian not happy.

13' - Brazil, then, got a free-kick from the top edge of the Chile box on the left. From the Neymar delivery, Bravo got a good leap to hold on the ball.

12' - then, within moments, Brazil got a creative cut inside the Chile box, where Hulk was brought down... but no PENALTY. Webb stood tall there.

11'- Hulk released a straight, down the line, ball on the left for Neymar. But after few touches, Neymar lost the ball then from the play, Chile tried to create pressure...

10' - Marcelo got a long ball delivered to Neymar in the final third But from a loose control, Chile got their first attempt on the Brazilian goal by Sanchez. Good save though from Cesar.

9' - Chile, thanks to Sanchez's midfield presence, are building on a move. But, Fernandinho got back to the possession in the centre, albeit for a while.

6' - Neymar, Brazil's brightest star, is looking uncomfortable following an awkward tumble. And he continues to jiggle. Not a good sight.

5' - Marcelo got a mighty good chance to open the scoring but his attempt from a distance following a corner play just went out of the left post.

3'- It seems, Brazil have weathered the early Chile pressure and have turned the pressure on the visitors.

2' - Early pressure from Chile, from the left flank and soon get a free-kick some 40 metres from the goal. From the delivery, the ball was however cleared by a Brazilian defender.

1' - Brazil are in their favourite yellow top, while Chile are in red top and blue shorts started the the match from the centre.

Ever recognisable Howard Webb from England will officiate the match.

Brazil XI: Julio Cesar, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Luiz, Marcelo, Fernandinho, Gustavo, Hulk, Oscar, Neymar, Fred

SUBS: Jefferson, Paulinho, Dante, Maxwell, Henrique, Ramires, Hernanes, Willian, Bernard, Jo, Maicon, Victor

Chile XI: Bravo, Mena, Isla, Silva, Alexis, Vidal, Vargas, Medel, Jara, Aranguiz, Diaz

SUBS: Toselli, Albornoz, Carmona, Pinilla, Valdivia, Rojas, Orellana, Beausejour, Gutierrez, Fuenzalida, Paredes, Herrera


Welcome to our coverage of the first Round of 16 match between Brazil and Chile being played at Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte.

After an arduous elimination process, the 2014 FIFA World Cup now has 16 teams to decide the winner. In the first of these eight pre-quarter finals, host Brazil takes on their continental neighbours Chile.

Brazil will start as the clear favourites having a head-to-head record of 48 wins and 13 draws from 68 meetings. Much more than that, Brazil have won all their three games against Chile in this tournament, including a 3-0 drubbing at the same stage four years ago. And Brazil have not lost to Chile at home for almost a century, 95 years to be precise, in 26 games.

Whatever these records may lay claim to, the first Round of 16 match will witness arguably two of the best teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The attacking flair these teams carry is of highest quality. And it`s a pity that, only one team will survive the clash.

Brazil boss, Luiz Felipe Scolari has conceded that Chile would be a tough test for his team, even saying he would have preferred not to face Chile. And Big Phil`s words have more than often than not been proved right.

If Brazil have got a star line-up, including the impressive Neymar, this Chilean squad has match-winners in Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal. Brazil simply cannot afford any slip-up. That`s where the big question of containment comes to play.

Chile, thanks to their super-fast wingers, can create problems for the Brazilian defenders. Multiplying Brazil`s woes is the reluctance of their frontmen`s in tracking back. So, how well Neymar, Oscar and of course Fred perform will decide Brazil`s fortunes in the tournament.

For Chile, probably fielding their best ever squad since the historic third place finish in 1962 at home, can hope for second World Cup quarter-final appearance in Brazil. En route to their Round of 16 qualification, they have robed beaten the defending champions Spain comprehensively and have tested the relentless Dutch. So, they will consider themselves second to none.

The pragmatic Jorge Sampaoli will have his task cut out against Brazil in Belo Horizonte. His scheme will revolve around the inspirational defender Gary Medel and Vidal. if both the players start the match, it will be a huge boost for Chile. Medel is struggling with a muscle strain while, Vidal was rested against the Netherlands.

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