2014 FIFA World Cup: Uruguay vs England - As it happened...


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Now after two 2-1 defeats, England are sure to exit the tournament. Not quite over though.

What a day for Suarez. A double from the Liverpool player shocked England and ironically, his second goal came from a mistake by his club captain, Gerrard.

Like the first half, England had greater possession and more attempts but Uruguay were more lethal with the ball.

FULL-TIME: Uruguay 2 - 1 England

90+5' - So, that's it.

90+4' - One last push for England from the left as Baines set-up Gerrard to create a move inside the opponent half. Won a corner, their first of the half. Rooney's take however, failed to produce anything beyond a cross.

90+2' - Some desperate defending from Uruguay defenders as England continue to probe further.

90+1' - Gerrard produced a cross, from the following play, Lallana tried to create something inside the Uruguay box but the ever vigilant Caseras cleared the ball to safety.

89' - Five Minutes ADDED.

87' - England SUB: Rickie Lambert comes for Jordan Henderson. Uruguay SUB: Injured Luis Suarez taken off, Sebastian Coates in.

86' - Gimenez received some talking from the ref after his rather clumsy foul.

84' - GOAL!!!You just can't keep Suarez quite. Woeful defending from England allowed Suarez to tap the ball once before burying deep in the goal.

It was a Gerrard header, misdirected one, which released Suarez for the goal. Gerrard doing a Gerrard!

83' - Brave defending from the unheralded Chelsea defender, Tim Cahill.

82' - After an extended play from the corner, England got the much needed break and a throw-in.

81' - On the counter, England created good enough a chance to trouble Uruguayan defenders. But, soon, England found themselves conceding a corner.

80' - England survived few anxious moments as Cavani, Suarez and Caseras involved in a dangerous looking move.

79' - Uruguay SUB: Alvaro Gonzalez out, Jorge Fucile in.

77' - Sturridge, who was a little earlier rightfully claiming for a penalty, took a shot at the goal with his weaker left foot. Muslera dived to his left to save it. England are fighting back.

74' - GOAL!!! Fifteen minutes from the end, Rooney scored his first World Cup goal. The Man Utd player was only required to plod the ball from a Glen Johnson delivery, which beat Muslera.

72' - Following a Caceres throw-in, England won the ball back. Then Sturridge found himself on the floor after a foul. England won a free-kick but nothing came off it.

71' - Rooney gifted a free-kick to Uruguay as he elbow-worked an Uruguayan player. But from the set-play, Joe Hart collected the ball.

70' - England SUB: Welbeck out, Lallana in.

69' - Barkley started a promising looking move for England but after few passes involving Johnson and Rooney, the ball returned back to the centre.

67' - Yellow Card for Gerrard. A poor challenge from the England captain.

66' - Reinforcement for Uruguay: Lodeiro replaced by Stuani.

65' - Caseras throw-in for Uruguay. But England won the ball, and Rooney and Johnson combined to trouble opponent defenders.

64' - Soon afterwards, Rooney found himself couple of inches off a Sturridge delivery. Muslera got to the ball first.

63' - England SUB: Sterling taken off, Barkley in.

62' - Pereira, who was on the floor a little while ago, almost took down an England player on the sidelines.

61' - In his little run inside the box, Sterling's knee caught hold of Pereira's head and the defender was looking in a bad shape. After doctors inspection, he joined the play.

60' - At the hour mark, tireless 19-year-old Sterling almost earned a penalty but the referee pointed for a goal-kick.

59' - Jordan Henderson got a clear attempt on the Uruguay goal, but his kick proved little soft to disturb the Uruguayans.

58' - Gimenez and Rooney clashed but both are on their feet soon enough to allow the game to flow.

57' - The referee let go Baines after his high foot caught Cavani.

54' - But in the following play, Sturridge, in pursuit of the ball, planted his feet into Muslera, who was trying to collect a release inside the box. The goalie received medical attention.

53'- Gimenez got a header to clear off Gerrard's free-kick.

52' - England did managed to win a throw-in and possession after a long time. In the following play, Rooney was once again denied by a brilliant Muslera save.

51' - Cavani on song. He was involved in two clear chances, first setting up for his team-mates then, giving himself a go at the goal. Close chances.

50' - Soon afterwards, Uruguay once again found another corner. From the relay play, Suarez took a shot. But it was wide.

49' - From the corner, taken by Suarez, the ball almost crossed the goal-line for a goal. But Hart was there. Good work from the goalie.

48' - Sturridge, in a bid to turn fast, elbowed Pereira on the face. And Uruguay won their free-kick. From the set-play, they created enough pressure to earn the first corner of the half.

47' - England won a throw-in in their own half following a tussle on the left flank. But from the subsequent throw, they won another one, this time on the right.

46' - No changes during the interval and England started from the centre.

England enjoyed majority of the possession but they found behind after a superb Suarez goal and in fact, a very poor man-marking from Jagielka. Cavani, for his part, was the fast and incisive before delivering the cross for Suarez.

But, Rooney's header, earlier in the half, hit woodwork.

Besides these headers, the match was fought in the mid-field with occasional run-downs on either flanks.

The goal was Luis Suarez's fourth in seven World Cup matches.

HALF-TIME: Uruguay 1 - 0 England

45+1' - Uruguay got the final attack of the half, as Suarez asked for a free-kick inside the England half.

44' - England, manned in the centre by Gerrard, push forward. Won a throw-in, but the play is concentrated in the centre. One minute ADDED.

43' - After a couple of intense moments inside the Uruguay half, the ball finally arrived in the England turf.

41' - After pushing the ball littler further up from a clearance, Uruguay once again conceded a corner. But, it was cleared with relative ease, again.

40' - England failed to capitalize from the back-to-back corner.

39' - From the restart, Sturridge almost found the equaliser from a Rooney delivery. But Muslera produced a double fisted guard. England won a corner.

37' - Luis Suarez GOAL!!! From the counter, Cavani delivered sweat cross for Suarez to complete the header, which beat Hart on the left.

36' - England are enjoying a better phase of possession, have switched the flanks couple of times, then rolled back the ball to their defenders, from where they launched an aerial delivery inside the opponent half.

36' - Sturridge created an open space for the self in the Uruguay half, but his attempt at the goal was a poor one.

34' - Baines concede a free-kick in the Uruguay half following a hard chase to save Sturridge being mobbed by two defenders.

33' - Suarez's delivery from the set-piece was headed away by Welbeck from inside the box.

32' - Gerrard conceded a free-kick. And the referee has some strong words for Sterling too.

31' - From Cahill's set-piece delivery, Rooney found a perfect header but the ball rebounded from the bar. What a chance.

30' - Caceres' late tackle floored Sturridge, and the ball went for a corner but referee opted for a free kick.

29' - Almost a perfect dummy by Sturridge. But his one-two with Rooney was blocked by Godin. Free-kick to England. From the set-play, England won a corner.

27' - On the counter, England created their own chance.

26' - Suddenly, in a space of minutes, Uruguay won their third corner. But attempt proved a futile one.

25' - From the Suarez delivery, Caceres tried to find a header but Hart was already there to collect the ball.

23' - England won a throw-in. Johnson on the sideline duty. From the throw, England failed to capitalise as the South Americans won back thw ball. In fact, through a free-kick conceded by Sterling -- a foul on Suarez.

22' -Sterling's little run was blocked by three Uruguayan defender. And the South Americans pressed inside the England half, there Cahill and Jagielka were exposed. The duo scrambled for clearance.

21' - Cavani, playing a holding role, involved Caceras to a move, and tried to find Suarez upfront. But to no avail.

20' - England, then, won a free-kick in their onw half. From the set-play, Cahill headed the ball towards the opponent half.

19' - Gimenez and Sterling engaged in a bull-fight to win the ball inside the Uruguay half. Referee spotted a lhard push by the England midfielder. Free-kick to Uruguay.

18' - Gerrard's delivery from the corner was headed away by Suarez. From the clearance, Uruguay created their move. But after few passes, the ball went England's way.

17' - From the goal-kick, England pushed hard. Then Sterling dropped one over the head for Sturridge inside the Uruguay box. Then, Sturridge win a corner, a deflection from Pereira.

15' - Rodriguez, what a miss. Uruguay started from their own half with Caceras and Cavani taking on England defenders. But a poor Jagielka clearance laid the ball in Rodriguez's path. But his shot was off the target.

14' - Suarez caught off-side as the Liverpool frontman was an inch ahead of the ball when it was delivered.

12' - Gonzalez and Arevalo Rios combined to block a Rooney run in the centre. And England won a free-kick.

11' - Godin called into action as a loose pass from the centre gave Jagielka some free space on the left flank. The defender did a kunfo kick to clear the ball.

10' - A free-kick for England as Caceres tried to win the ball from Welbeck, climbing over for the header.

9' - Yellow Card for Godin. And England won a free-kick just outside the Uruguay box. Rooney's kick from the set-piece was swerving and Muslera wasn't moving. But the ball was well off the radar.

8' - Rodriguez's release for Suarez was little strong and England won a goal-kick.

7' - Baines delivery was cleared by defender, then Suarez launched his own run.

6' - From the throw-in, England quickly switched flanks to the left, where Gerrard and Sterling combined to win a free-kick. Some 26 metres to the goal.

5' - Cavani caught off-side following the play after the corner. Then, Uruguay won a throw-in. Then with a fail attempt to control the ball on the sidelines, England won the throw in.

4' - First corner to Uruguay. Suarez was instrumental in the attack, following a clash with Sterling. From the corner, a desperate attempt by Hart saved the moment.

3' - Little early possession from the English players. Gerrard have had a free run on the left, but Suarez got the better of him.

2' - More than the clash of the nations, it will be one of those games wherein the best of team-mates will fight against each other for the national glory.

Sturridge got a release from Gerrard and the ball was almost spilled by Muslera, on the Liverpool striker's presence.

1' - With five touches, Uruguay won their first throw-in of the match inside England half.

Uruguay, in sky blue, will start the proceedings against England, in whites.

Billed as the Game of The Desperates, the clash between these two heavyweights starts in a minutes.

Carlos Velasco Carballo, the 43-year-old Spanish referee will officiate this high profile match.

The team-sheets are out for the match. Luis Suarez is making comeback after the surgery. And he will directly take on his Liverpool captain and club-mate Gerrard.

Uruguay XI: Muslera, Gimenez, Godin, Caceres, Pereira, Lodeiro, Gonzalez, Arevalo Rios, Rodriguez, Cavani, Suarez

SUBS: Munoz, Fucile, Gargano, Hernandez, Forlan, Stuani, Perez, Ramirez, Coates, Maxi Pereira, Silva

England XI: Hart, Baines, Cahill, Jagielka, Johnson, Gerrard, Henderson, Sterling, Rooney, Welbeck, Sturridge.

SUBS: Foster, Wilshere, Lampard, Smalling, Jones, Milner, Lambert, Lallana, Barkley, Shaw, Forster


It`s one of the biggest fixtures of the tournament. The semi-finalists from the previous edition taking on England – a team always in contention but hardly winning. After suffering defeats, both Uruguay and England clash to avoid premature exit.

If their previous performances are taken into account, the Sao Paulo fixture will also witness the two different styles. After a very very long time, England are playing with joy, without afraid. In contrast, the South Africans are happy to play hit and run.

What Roy Hodgson will do with his youth-full side, nobody knows. But one this is for, the likes of Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge will run their hearts out.

For Oscar Tabarez, Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan will hold the key. But he can`t afford to start both.

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