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FULL-TIME: USA 0 - 1 Germany. And both the teams are though to the Round of 16 as Portugal beat Ghana 2-1.

90+2' - However, out of blue, USA launched a surprise attack. The pace seemed to have beat the Germans but there was Lahm, blocking the ball and denying the equaliser.

90+1' - At least with Portugal leading in the other match, Americans will be happy to continue play the way Germans wanted. In fact, USA are rolling the ball around the park, as if they are leading the score.

89' - Germany SUB: Andre Schurrle replaced Ozil. Four minutes ADDED.

88' - Beasley was seemingly fouled by Muller on the left flank. But the referee asked to keep the game on as Beasley complained for a foul.

87' - Bradley conceded a free-kick after he hold on to a German player. From the play, Lahm took a shot at the goal.

86' - Klose caught off-side. Just outside the USA goal-mouth.

85' - Great chance for Dempsey to score as his run for a release from the right fooled the German defenders.

84' - USA SUB: Zusi replaced by DeAndre Yedlin.

82' - Howedes survived a booking for his simulation inside the USA box.

81' - Suddenly the game pick-up from an extended USA possession. Ozil waltzed through the USA defender, then feeded a team-mate. From the play, Howedes got himself into the action.

79' - UPDATE from the other match. Ronaldo scored as Portugal lead Ghana 2-1. And USA are holding onto that hope.

78' - Germany won a throw-in after prolong inactivity. From the Howedes got a header directed at the USA goal, but Howard was there on the line.

76' - A dull period in the game as the play got stuck in the centre with neither sides trying to increase the tempo.

75' - During the stoppage, Schweinsteiger is replaced by Gotze. And the rain, once again, started to pound the players.

72' - Bedoya and Beckerman collided as USA tried to create a move inside the German half. Both the American players received attention.

71' - From a little possession, USA released a long ball for Dempsey but, the skipper was taken down by Hummels in the final third.

70' - A poor corner from Zusi meant the Germans once again attacking the USA. Germans are using both the flanks to run and create space in the USA half.

68' - Hummels played it rough. USA earned a free-kick. From the set-play, they won a corner.

67' - USA won a goal-kick as a build-up from a Ozil creative went out of play.

66' - Jones and Dempsey combined to create a rare USA chance. But disturbing this German defense seemed almost impossible despite playing so high up.

64' - Germans are enjoying possession in the USA half.

63' - Neuer left his spot to cut short a USA counter attack. From his pass, Ozil tried to create a move but he was fouled by Beckerman.

61' - The action got better. Beckerman got a Yellow Card after his attempt on Schweinsteiger. Moments earlier, from a German attack, USA created a counter which witnessed few tackles. But the referee allowed the game to flow.

59' - USA SUB: Brad Davis replaced by Alejandro Bedoya. And soon Bedoya got in to the action, almost got himself a booking.

58' - Jermaine Jones, who is already on the book from the earlier match, got a warning for holding a German player.

57' - UPDATE from the other match: Portugal 1 - 1 Ghana. It's getting hotter.

55' - Muller scored. This is his ninth goal in the last nine World Cup game.

Just as Howard produced a stunning save, the Germans compounded the situation by applying pressure. Result. A Muller goal.

54' - Kroos' kick from the set-piece was headed to safety by a USA defender. But from the play

53' - Ozil, once again, involved himself in a German build up. From the play, Lahm earned a free-kick just outside the USA box from a Bradley tackle.

52' - Mighty close for Klose. His header from a close range sailed over the bar.

51' - The rain has stopped, but the tepid affair in the centre continues as both the sides are seemingly happy rolling the ball.

50' - Little earlier, Brad Davis found himself chasing the ball alone in the German half. Sadly for the USA, the flag was already up.

48' - Howedes missed a delivery on the left flank. From the throw-in, USA delivered the ball inside the German half. But as usual, German attack flowing...

47' - Gonzalez invoked again, in the USA defence as Germany attacked after an excellent build-up. The defender headed away the final ball to deny yet another German attempt.

46' - Germany restarted the game from the centre.

During the interval, Klose -- chasing a record 16th goal in the World Cup comes in for Podolski.

In the first-half, Germans as expected enjoyed greater possession, close to 60%, and have more attempts on the goal. USA, on the other, tried to create chances on the break.

HALF-TIME: USA 0 - 0 Germany

45+1' - From the free-kick, Germans pressed hard on the USA defence, without success.

44' - Bradley escaped a booking as his sliding tackle caught a Muller late. One minute ADDED.

43' - Schweinsteiger got a warning from the referee as he committed a foul.

42' - USA got a corner. But from the play, nothing worthwhile happened for the attacking team.

38' - Podolski got a free run from a Muller, and tried to find a German player in the USA box with a cross. But Howard had a diving save.

37' - Yellow Card for Gonzalez for his foul on Schweinsteiger in the centre.

36' - So far, Germans have got five attempts on the goal with four hitting the target. For USA, two attacks failed to hit the target.

35' - It's still all Germany. The occasional break from the Americans did produced good runs but those weren't good enough.

34' - After a little tussle for ball possession in the centre, Ozil got a clear shot on the goal, but was saved by the goalie.

32' - Ozil tried his best the keep the ball in play in the far corner area of USA half. But after that, found an USA defender taking the ball for an American attack. From the play, Jones got a good run, without success.

30' - At the half-hour mark, Germans are dictating the terms in the centre.

UPDATE from the other match: Portugal 1 - 0 Ghana. An own goal.

29' - Germans, after extended possession, tried to create an opening from the right. Found Kroos taking a direct attempt on the goal.

27' - In an USA build-up, referee collided with Johnson.

25' - In between, USA got an chance. From the resulting play, Germany won a free-kick as Beckerman committed a foul on Schweinsteiger.

24' -Germans. despite their numerous chances, failed to test the USA goalie.

23' - Kroos tried to make a killing out of a Schweinsteiger pass inside the USA box. But an alert USA defender marked him rather well.

21' - Schweinsteiger's release from the far corner wasn't good enough to break the USA defence. From the play, USA got a clear shot on the German attempt, which sailed over the bar.

20' - Lahm built up a play for the Germans as the intensity of the match seemed to die down a bit.

19' - Beasley got a free run inside the German box with a release from the centre finding him in the right spot. But a poor final attempt meant Germans getting the ball.

16' - Germans, on the break, found only two USA defender guarding the line. But Muller's run was a bit slow to make out anything tangible from the play.

15' - Germans, however, got the ball back and once again Gonzalez produced a timely tackle to thwart Muller's run. German won a corner. But nothing worthwhile happened from the flag kick.

14' - Schweinsteiger for Ozil inside the USA box with a chip. However, Ozil's heading attempt to find another German failed and USA briefly controlled the ball.

13' - Dempsey conceded a free-kick. From the play, Germans created yet another chance, this time Gonzalez was in the line of the ball to clear for the Americans.

12' - USA started to gain some possession in the German half, settling well against the three-time world champions.

11' - Yellow Card for Howedes as he tripped an onrushing USA player in the German half.

10' - Dempsey got a run of his own, albeit a short-lived one, as German defenders covered the area effectively.

9' - Schweinsteiger, getting his first start today, almost produced a perfect cross inside the USA box. But the American defenders are holding on their position pretty well.

7' - Beautiful overlapping run by Podolski, from his club mate Ozil on the left. But the final effort failed to test the USA defenders.

6' - Germans continue to puss hard inside the USA half.

5' - USA won a throw-in their own half. But it was a poor effort and Germans are onto it. Ozil did a jig on the right flank. Good show.

3' - Beautiful cross-field ball from the Germans and from the play, Boateng got a delivery inside the USA half. But his low cross failed to find any German player. Howard got an easy collection.

2' - Big opportunity for the Uzbek referee, Ravshan Irmatov. In between, Germany are enjoying initial possession.

1' - USA, in all whites, got the match starting from the centre. But the Germans, in all black, readily got their first possession. And, in fact, got the first chance of the match with Muller feeding an unmarked Podolski.

It's raining pretty hard as the both the teams ready for the kick-off.

Starting XI's are here:

USA: Howard; Johnson, Gonzalez, Besler, Beasley; Beckerman, Jones; Zusi, Bradley, Davis; Dempsey (c)

Germany: Neuer; Boateng, Mertesacker, Hummels, Howedes; Lahm (C), Schweinsteiger; Ozil, Kroos, Podolski; Muller


It`s one of those fixtures which will decide the fate of other teams, besides USA and Germany. No doubt, this will be the biggest fixture in this round at this edition of the World Cup.

Considered as one of the pre-tournament favourites, Germany are still not assured of a place in the Round of 16 despite registering a convincing win over Cristiano Ronaldo`s Portugal in their group opener. Joachim Low`s side were hold to a thrilling draw by Ghana, who were beaten by the United States in their opener.

For USA, the tournament has buoyed renewed interest back home and thanks to the presence of a huge travelling supporters in Brazil, Jurgen Klinsmann and his wards have enjoyed a fearless brand of football. Their win over a strong Ghana side and the dominant display over Portugal in the subsequent outing made sure, they are no more the soccer team in the football World Cup.

As it stands, both the teams need one point each to qualify for the next round, meaning they can play out a draw. But whatever transpires in Recife will become the talk of the tournament, thanks to the personal stakes involve in the match and the scoring forms of players from either side. Klinsmann, who has successfully established a football foothold in United States will take on his former protege of a supreme pedigree in Low.

Besides, both the nations are known for their ruthless proficiencies in whatever they do -- spheres other than football are to be considered. And this beautiful game is just as important as any other aspects. Both the camps surely know that going for a draw is like doing a harakiri. Any slip-up or oversight can spell the end of their campaign in Brazil, especially considering the line-up of players both the teams have.

If at all, they play out a draw, Ghana and Portugal are out.

The key clash in the match will be between the German midfielders under Ozil and the American attack, mostly sweeping ones from Dempsey and Bradley. Uncharacteristically, both will start from the centre though. One interesting player to look is Jermaine Jones, who was previously in the German roll.

The two teams have played each other nine times and there has never been a draw, with the Germans winning on six occasions, including two in the big Cup.

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